Our quitting of cigarettes thread


I smoked for 25 years and quit actual cigarettes over two months ago by switching to vaping a Juul. The Juul had a higher nicotine content than I was used to smoking so it was making me not feel well and over a short time I did it less and less. Then I switched to a regular vape thingy (looks like a box) with a juice with way lower nic content. I got some horrid vanilla flavor. So gross that over a couple weeks, I just stopped liking it and weaned off it pretty easy. Totally nicotine free now for twenty something days.


Finishing week #2. Tomorrow is 14 days.


Great to hear about everyone’s success. I did it cold turkey as I never was a chain smoker. About half a package or less was my dose of a day but still I had huge problems to quit the bad habit. First 3 days I had some physical symtomes but not that bad. The mentally craving was much worth for me, same it is with alcohol in my case. But up on a good way now. Looking forward to stay nicotine and alcohol free for good this time


Long story short: smoked 20+ years. Switched to vaping couple years ago (same thing, moving seats on the titanic). I recently quit my job to be a stay at home dad, so I had to quit vaping and drinking. I quit both at the same time. I’ve tried quitting many times before, never stuck. This time I wrote down exactly how I felt throughout the day, everyday; Starting on day -1.

Quitting nicotine is very hard and the withdrawal symptoms can be hell as they are with me. But, you only have to go through it once, if you want.

Keeping a journal is helping me remember the hell I went through, and to remind me of why I am here.

Quiting nicotine and alcohol at the same time has been easier than one or the other, partly because I am not which one im craving :wink:.

Good luck!


Amazing stuff guys!! This is truely Expirience, strength and Hope at its best!!

As for me, I’m at 5 days. I got a different Vape device and it is a game changer. That little Juul device I was using never really satisfied me. So when I needed a smoke, I got one! Lol. So there’s that

What helped me as much, if not more, was incorporating my AA program into it. I feel kind of silly that it took me 3 weeks of halfway quitting to realize that. Duh moment. Lol. I have this amazing program that I quit drinking with and I didn’t even think to use it for smoking.

The main thing for this working this week is that I have been praying about it. I asked God to remove my obsession to smoke. And surprise surprise, He did. Quitting smoking is now part of my morning and evening prayers.

And of corse, I started taking it one fucking day at a time!!!


I am down to step 3 of nicotine patches. Going to carry that on until next weekend then hoping to be completely nicotine free after that. I will keep some lozenges on me for emergencies and I have actually finally ordered Allen Carr’s quit smoking book which I’m hoping will help me keep quit!


Ive been using the lozengers and ive went from smokin almost 2 packs a day to just bummin maybe 3-5 ciggs a day. I think next week im gonna stick to just the lozengers. That cigg after eating is about the only craving i have now. Everyone smokes at work and in the truck around me and ive managed that pretty well.


I keep hearing about this Carr book. I am almost one month now no nicotine and would be interested to know what you think about it after you read it.


I like his book about quitting alcohol. Don’t agree in every detail though. Guess the book about quitting smoking is same style.


I’m reading This Naked Mind by Annie Grace right now regarding alcohol. Actually, I’m listening to it, which I generally never do. It’s helping me quite a bit. The author mentions Carr.


Yes I think they are similar ideas behind them. I read This Naked Mind and like @happyfeet I wasn’t 100% behind everything in it but overall it definitely helped me to shift my attitude to alcohol and reinforce my reasons for not drinking. So I figure it’s worth a try with smoking too! From past experience I know the problem isn’t the quitting itself, it’s the staying quit I struggle with. Will definitely let you know how I get on with it :grin:


That’s awesome. Let us know how you get on!


Welp I quit cigs for 4 months this year after 15 years straight and started again like a few months ago like An idiot… it was during one of my many relapses through my growing stages … now that I’ve strung together 32 days and feel stronger then ever about my new life it is time to quit for good. I’m joining y’all :smiley:


So I’m away for the weekend with some friends, forgot my patches! Have a few lozenges on me so will use them as needed but going to test this out as my first nicotine free weekend :crossed_fingers:


Let us know how it goes!


Managed ok yesterday on two lozenges. One of the people I’m staying with smokes but one doesn’t. And seeing as it’s cold and wet here (Yorkshire) it’s not like we’re all sitting outside so it’s not too tempting!

Got a really full day today so think I should get through it ok. And my day is going to be pretty active so I’m happy that I’m not going to be coughing and wheezing my way through it🚭


You’re on a good way now. They say it takes 4 days to take nicotine completely out of your system and I guess an active weekend is a good time to try. Good luck and a happy sober weekend.


Cravings are so bad this weekend, even having using dreams. Thank God my wife won’t let me cave in…even offered her a free pass on soda, she is coming up on 90 days.


Can’t believe I gave in tonight. Had 1 dip. I know it’s a cop out, but very stressed and tired of pretending I am not, to keep wife calm. Just had a helluva week. Coded twice in hospital on Monday, and awaiting result of polyps removed from my colon. Feel like I have no where to vent my anxiety, because I cannot upset the people I love by making them worry about me. Kodiak didn’t give me any relief, in fact only added to it since I had to sneak cash from wife and sneak off to gas station. Anyway I will hopefully be able to be back at it and this will be just a little slip.


Ok here I go again…30 day goal, and re-read This Naked Mind.