Our quitting of cigarettes thread


Well done for getting back onto it!


Made it through yesterday completely nicotine free and it was ok. Should be ok this week. Will be a test at the weekend when I see one of my friends who is a smoker. I will definitely have lozenges on hand for just in cases!


It’s always good to be prepared. I’m sure you can do it!!! Looking forward to hear how it goes :hugs:


Sadly I am out for a bit. Need to get reenergized to tackle this addiction. Knowing I have all of you to help with my accountability will bring me back sooner than later. I know how stupid it sounds to say I am back using until I get my health issues sorted out, but that’s the logic of an addict. Thanks for all the amazing support.


7 days no smokes for me cold turkey


Hope you come back sooner rather than later!


It took me several tries to quit smoking, and then I picked up the habit again years later and had to do it again. You learn something from every attempt, pay attention to those things :slight_smile:


Buddy you got this. I’m on the vape too but whenever I slip on booze or drugs vape doesn’t cut it and I have an actual smoke. Today is day one. Stay strong my brother


38 days alcohol and tobacco free :blush:


I quit both at the same time. The first week was hell! But now, day 18, not so bad. Not saying I’d ever want to go through that again, but yeah, doing alright!


Way to go! When I quit, for 14 years, the way that worked for me was…buy(and inhale… disgusting)
Cheap cigars. Switched to a pipe. One day, I threw everything away. Was grossed out by all of it
And I’m set in my ways.
Good luck!
Harder than heroin to quit, as they say.


I’m on day 5 nicotine free. Not had cravings but I have been HUNGRY this week. Need to keep that in check as don’t want to undo all my good work getting healthy!


12 hours into this next attempt. Turns out it was causing me a very rapid heart rate. I can already feel the benefits of stopping.


I agree. Days 3-10 are the worst for me. Made it 21 days on my last attempt.


21st day - or is it 20?.. Anyway, looking forward to 22.

Look at us go! :grin:


Today was weird, out of nowhere I had intense cravings that lasted a couple of hours. Fortunately i was not in a position to act it even if I wanted to, just bear down and power through. It’s frustrating to have these sudden cravings 3 weeks out, none the less, I’m glad to have made to day 22.


I’m so proud of you @siand. Keep on going. You’ll make it !


7 days are great. They say it needs 4 days to get the nicotine out of your system but the psychological sight of cravings last much longer. Hope your doing well :+1:


Thank you! I am now one week nicotine free :grin: Was with a friend yesterday who was smoking, I said she could smoke in my car and I went out with her to carry on chatting when she had one. Had a couple of little urges but made it past them!


Day 1 all over again. Binged thru 2 tins , to the point of getting a buzz. Reminded me of being drunk, and I did not like that feeling.