Our quitting of cigarettes thread


Has anyone started to hate the smell of smoking? Or is my smell just getting super sensitive?


24 days smoke free today and I don’t miss it at all. Had 128 days earlier this year and can’t wait to get back and move on from there.


Wahoo that’s awesome! I’m 56 days smoke/vape free and 11 days nicotine free. I’m still really hungry!

What happened to make you cave at 128 days?

I have FINALLY started to read Allen Carr’s stop smoking book which I am hoping will help me keep quit this time.


Careful with the vaping, while it did help me quit smoking I also experienced a drop in my blood pressure when vaping (I think it was more nicotine than a regular cig or I was doing it too much) and having caffeine which caused me to black out and either faint or have a seizure, still not sure. It happened twice and I had every test under the sun done. Only common denominator was the nicotine vape. On a positive it scared the crap out of me and is one of the reasons I stopped drinking so there’s that. My bf however is vaping to quit dipping and has not had any problem. …other than he is still addicted to nicotine and hits the dumb thing constantl, still better than dip.


Yes, I started hating it after few days and smell started to be super sensitive in general after about week off it.


Few days ago I had bad craving nobody smoked near or not even seen it on TV…

BTW, I’ve been of tabaco for 9 YEARS and 2 months.


I’ve of people still having cravings all those years later, kind of scary to hear that.


It amaised me to I haven’t had them for years, and then…, probably just very stressful day.

I used to use stress as one of excuses to smoke, then it moved to alcohol for years and now after only just over 3 months of alcohol sobriety, this came out…

Now I understand that it is just very silly excuse.

Hope not to get any more bad addictions.

One day at the time.


It, in my opinion, only could mean that my body already accepted alcohol free life and trying to find other addictions by going back to old one and my brain still remembers those cravings…


Im on the wagon too, I started reading a book called

Allen Carr’s Easy way to quit Smoking…

I have to say that in a matter of a few days of reading it, I’ve smoked less and my perspective is changing about cigarettes… Truth is that it is alot like alcohol and when have underlying reasons why we smoke… If you can keep an open mind this book will definitely be the best way to quit…

15,000,000 copies sold and has a 97% success rate… The 3% of ppl who don’t quit are the ppl who don’t finish the book…

I can’t wait to be done


I dunno about those stats or who came up with them. 97% sucess rate is awfully high for just reading a book. Sounds like a selling gimmick. Even a drug class that had groups and urines i went into was only a 87% sucess rate and your punishment was jail…:thinking: i suck at reading books and have the attention span of a 5yr old and adhd. :confused:


Hahaha then the reading probably wouldn’t work for you… And it’s definitely not a gimmick… It’s just like getting sober… Change your perception change everything… What do u got to lose… It cost less than a pack of smokes u can buy it used on Amazon… I’ve had several friends quit by reading this… Figured wtf… I’ve tried Chantix, wellburtin, nicotine everything… I’ve went cold turkey… My friends read this and had no cravings or withdrawals… Bc quitting shouldn’t be as hard as we make it… I’m going to give it my best shot and keep an open mind… U don’t want to try, cool… But don’t knock my way… I was offering ppl an alternative to all the supplements that only prolong smoking… If you can read the big book u can read this…


I wasnt knocking the way by any means But 15 million sold that would be a high rate of quiters. Just because you read something doesnt make u automatically changed or that it was understood correctly. Even when in school reading about a chapter at home and going over it in class then to take a test … I know less then 97% passed… Im just saying those stats sound bogus is all… I hope it does work for you… Women been testy lately …:zipper_mouth_face:


I’m reading a copy of the same book. In the introduction on the one I’m reading he says he has over 90% success rate based on the sessions delivered at his clinics where they give money back to people who dont quit. So in 2008 they had given less than 10% customers in the clinics refunds.

I am pretty open minded with it as I found This Naked Mind was pretty helpful for stopping drinking and it’s all the same principle, shifting attitudes. But have only done the intro of the Allen Carr book so far and as I’ve already stopped smoking the test will be to see whether that’s still true in a year or two!


Well @siand I’ve never been the heaviest smoker in the world so it me it was more a bad habit than addictive smoking. Always had a few days without smoking or only 1 or 2 a day. Then it became a very regular habit and I decided to quit wich wasn’t very hard to do. So I saw the number days counting up and I was proud of myself. Then one day I was stressed from work, had trouble with my son and thought one cigarette would do no harm and i deserved sonething to relaxe a bit. So that was it. After a few days and more stress with my 22 year old baby boy :wink: I was back to smoking regularly for a lo g time and got up to about 10 or more cigarettes a day. The day after I stopped drinking again I felt clear and strong enough to beat that smoking habit again. And here I am… back on 24 days smoke free again


Yeah I’m not sure about this 97 percent either and it sounds like marketing strategy but I’ve read his Stop drinking book and it really changed perspective for me so that’s for sure. And pretty sure there us an audio book available as well :wink: just in case you want to give it a try. Have a great sober day.


Yea unsurprisingly stress is what has made me cave before too. Stopping drinking is helping me to develop healthier habits and coping mechanisms more generally and I am hoping that will help with the smoking too!


So I have been reading the Allen Carr book and am liking it. Reading through one of the chapters it reminded me of a recent situation where I had a little lightbulb moment which I thought I would share.

At a funeral and speaking to someone after the service, she said oh I can’t wait until I can have a wine and a smoke. I instinctively agreed but then realised, actually I don’t have that need right now. My days no longer revolve around waiting for the next appropriate moment to have a drink and/or smoke. It made me realise what a slave to it all I was and how good it feels to be free of it.


46 days no nicotine. I don’t even think about it any more, which is great. The other day a fellow asked if I smoked, I said no. It took a moment to realize what I just said.


Nice!! I’m at like 38 days no cigarettes. I Cant say no nicotine tho😇