Our quitting of cigarettes thread


I feel for those trying to quit cigarettes. I smoked for 19 years, 9 months and 18 days. When I decided that I was quitting for me, I was able to kick the habit. It started with me telling myself NOT ONE DRAG. The first 2 weeks were the hardest, then it was finding something to keep my hands busy. I easily ate over 100lbs of hot tamales. I’d by them by the 4lb bag. By the grace of God, I can say that i hit 10 years smoke free on 18 SEP 18. I have used philosophy on my opiate addiction as well. Though I’m only 192 days of sobriety, I still play the mental game with myself, NOT ONE PILL. Of course NA and my Sponsor have helped give me more tools than just willpower, so I’m definately on the right track. Always remember, it starts with the hardest step which is NOT ONE DRAG.


Hey! I just found this thread…today is day 68 no smokes for me. Man is it hard! Haha…just wanted to chime in that Alan Carr’s easy way helped me with both smoking and drinking (day 325 I think) …might be worth a shot! (Even though I found this thread because I had cravings for cigarettes something fierce yesterday!) good luck today :heart:


Oops just read this one!! Glad you’re reading it! I was just reading that lightbulb part…that non smokers aren’t waiting for _____ to be over so they can go smoke. I’m having a good experience with that in life right now. Fridays at work used to be just counting down the time before I could go get a bottle of wine and pack of smokes and numb out. Now fridays, I’m still looking forward to the night… it there’s not that same “come ooooon man…only 46minutes to go” agony. Cheers to getting better❤️


54 days smoke free


Nice!! I’m still rocking the vape. Which for now, I have no problem with. I feel amazing!
Just about 60 days cigarette free:)


Ugh… I had some personal issues that caused me to cave . Ive been slowly getting back to smoke free… So easy to fall back into habit…


I actually lived that lightbulb moment. Was at a funeral and someone said outside the crematorium, before the wake, oh I can’t wait to get there and have a glass of wine and a cigarette. I realised how nice it is not to have to structure my day/occasions around this stuff :grin:

The thing that really clicked with me with the Allen Carr book is that cigarettes don’t ease the nicotine cravings, they cause it!

46 days smoke free, I feel like the fact I’m not drinking means it is far less likely that I will cave and fall back into it. Although I have survived a few big social occasions by smoking instead of drinking so will see how Christmas goes, that will be the first time I will be around my old drinking (and smoking) buddies without smoking!


I can relate to this


Random expirience… I was at a meeting yesterday morning in a room that was on the smaller side. This dude came in a few minutes late and I could smell him the second he closed the door. He freaking stank of smoke!!

It’s crazy that after 50+ days my sense of smell is returning. My truck stinks too. Not really of smoke as much as it smells of work. im not sure how I feel about this sense of smell nonsense!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Day 1, no cigs.


Ohhhhh snap!! Don’t be a dumb ass like me bro. Remember the wonderful program that helped you quit drinking and smoking crack!! Use it​:grinning::wink:


Nicotine lozenges


My car smells so bad too after 57 day quit


I quit three months ago. I dont really think about it anymore. I sometimes still crave them, but then I just dont smoke. I threw away my last pack and did not keep any in the house. I got an app to help me keep track and motivate me. My husband quit by using a jewel vape. I will hit that once in a while if I am really craving. I wish I would have quit sooner. I think I had to just really decide that I was ready. I love not feeling chained to that addiction anymore. I hope that I can look back and say the same about drinking someday. Still working on that.


Thanks for the reminder … I need to cut the shyt and get on the ball again… I have no excuses why anymore but that im an idiot…although dealing with lazy and ignorant assholes on thier comedown or hangover at work has been aggrivating lately… Tomorrow will be day one …thanks gabe!


I just hit 82 days off nicotine, but I quit actual cigarettes 139 days ago. My tracker app says I have passed on over 900 cigarettes. Can you imagine smoking 900 cigarettes? Ugh, when it is put this way it totally freaks me out. It means I have smoked over 65,000 cigarettes. It makes me want to hurl. Can you visualize a physical pile of 65,000 cigarettes. I put that toxic waste right into my body. Never again. I still have cravings but it ain’t happening.


Day 2, no cigs, no murders, no over-eating, 5 lozenges


I don’t think I will ever genuinely feel ready to stop smoking. I stopped Jan 1st 2014 til Feb 10th i think?

I’d love to give it a try though.


Anecdotally the desire to murder when quitting cigs does seem to increase significantly, so I consider this quite the accomplishment for anyone :smiley: