People in Recovery and Plants! (Part 2)

Love that coleus :heart:

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Baby Stella has a bud in July :christmas_tree:


It’s perfectly ok to change things in your life. It’s perfectly ok to stop doing something you have been doing for quite a while. It’s perfectly ok to find new areas of interest and care. You’ve learned a lot on this plant adventure. Maybe it’s time for a new one. Whereever you go: Keep us posted :grin: :sun_with_face:


I need to get a purple one


Thanks @acromouse & @Tragicfarinelli

My friend here came by this morning and we caulked and duct taped down the window that snapped off. Should be sturdy enough to hold temporarily. Discussed what I would want to do if I decide to keep it, and how we could do it.

It’s a tough thing to weigh. The thoughts of moving on from this have been present a few weeks. But I also need to have some perspective - it’s really only HUGE pain in the ass in summer. But every little thing with it is very much manual. Fall and spring it’s some work. Winter I really don’t have to do anything.

@Tragicfarinelli we’re very alike in what you relayed. I’ve always been a collector. I tend to gorge myself on things, get tired of it, and move on. Could be a hobby, memorabilia, a specific food, a person, etc. It’s not a fun pattern but it is a very common thing in ADHD/autism, which I know I have both of. I put a lot of money into that greenhouse, and it’d be a shame to take it down after all the planning and work that went into it. My Dad did a lot of the actual building and it’s almost like having a part of him here.
If I do take it down, I could repurpose the base to build a small patio or similar.

Now that the window is “fixed” I’m going to take time to think about what I want to do. Given that it’s monsoon season, as my friend said, “mother nature might make the decision for you”.


If it isn’t fun anymore, why do it? That has been my motto for awhile. Life is short. Interests change. Letting go of the old, opens space for the new. I have had tons of collections, hobbies, passions over the years. Just my perspective.


Tough spot.

Love the plants still, but growing tired of maintaining their house.

Only about half could survive in full outdoor sun here, and that requires acclimation which would need to wait til winter when the sun is at its weakest. Many of my favorites would likely be sold.

I might see if I can get through the summer with the greenhouse as-is, and make the decision in the autumn when the weather is more forgiving and I’ve had ample time to think it through


She’s a phoenix!