Pet Peeves Anyone?


When people don’t let others finish their sentences…

I used to never interrupt even if it meant not being able to input throughout an entire conversation. I got fed up as I got older. I basically learned if I wanted to say anything (standing up for people or beliefs, for example) I had to estimate how to become the first interrupter by a tiny margin. I had to be rude to communicate because interrupting was the norm when the conversation got excited. I’m now trying to uproot this habit, and just let it go when I’m prevented from speaking.

Now I’m just obnoxious on my end, with all my “Sorry, I wasn’t finished speaking” and if necessary, just continuing my sentence despite the interruption, even if they can’t hear my words, just to point out indirectly that they are interrupting. The latter occasionally has some pretty satisfying effects, but I feel rude doing it sometimes.


Or big dog lol


People who fart in public transportation spaces…


I hate those people who won’t let you finish your sentence. Makes me really angry. Takes a lot of control for me to not freak out and give them a high five in the face…


“High five in the face”. I love this!! :raised_hand:


Anyone who loads up all the machines in a shared laundry room.

S’all good today, though! Sober me is awake on the weekend and done with his laundry before the battle even starts. :stuck_out_tongue: Oh, the evil looks they were giving each other in there…


In the rehab centre I was at we had 10 guys living in our one house, with two bathrooms, a tight schedule, and one of the bathrooms wouldn’t lock. So I was the one waking up at 5:30 to bypass the turmoil :stuck_out_tongue:


I totally call my girlfriends names while playing games but it’s all in good fun, they usually start it so it’s def reciprocated lol.


Arrr mate! So, my colleagues and I all respond to being addressed as “Chef” either when theres more than 1 of us or if its someone we dont know.

…but when senior management address us as ‘Chef’ and then forget our first names, thats annoying!!


Drives me crazy when people refuse to take ownership and solve problems, especially when it’s their job to do it. It’s epidemic in my company.


My company, too! The worst culprit - my direct supervisor.


That’s gotta be hard to deal with! Mine is similar in a sense where he will make huge errors and act like they’re nothing but calls me out about the most inconsequential things.


Owning your mistakes is HUGE for me…you won’t learn a damn thing if you are too busy defending yourself in your head before I even finish talking. If you screw something up, it’s (usually) ok! Thats how I learned most everything I know, by screwing it up first. Still learning every day actually! But you need to OWN those mistakes and make a change. Otherwise, we’ll be right back here again and absolutely no good comes from that.


Couldn’t have said it better myself. Plus, “those” people don’t realize owning up to your mistakes is one of the most freeing things you can do for yourself and they won’t have to keep digging themselves out of a hole to defend their actions


I agree. I used to be SO scared to admit when I was wrong. Now I super appreciate the chance to grow! You dont know what you dont know, but when you know it-thats where cool stuff starts to happen! And, the huge bonus is there isn’t that suffocating weight from trying to hide stuff because you OWN it, take responsibility and do things differently next time for different results. Pretty amazing things happen right there! And while you may learn something new didn’t work
you also may find something different that works GREAT!


*A$$holes without a handicap placard that part in the handicap spot… :rage:


“Don’t lie about it. You made a mistake - admit it and move on. Just don’t do it again. Ever.” -

Anthony Bourdain


Late people, no notice, lame excuses. If it happens more than twice, I leave after fifteen minutes and never make plans again.


When someone changes their shoe laces in a public library, right beside me, taking each shoe off to replace them. Why … Why…


People that don’t use their blinkers…I’m not a mind reader, let me know where you’re going!