Pet Peeves Anyone?


Sh*t annoys us, what annoys you?


Hearing the words “umm” or uhh” over the phone.

Sweaty selfies.

Bananas that won’t f*cking peel. lol


People leaving time on the microwave.

People that don’t pick up after themselves.


People who are late and also people that dont pick up after themselves!


Also people who are rude and hateful. I would say I get far more than annoyed at injustice lol.


Really, it drives me nuts. It’s not hard at all to clean up after yourself. Hell, clean as you go. It was instilled in me from a young age – you just put things back where you found them and leave it tidy, simple.


Peel the banana from the bottom, thats how apes do it. Never fails to peel.


Should be a very simple concept, however I have learned that we are typically the minority my friend!


People that leave sharp knives in a sink full of water, ready to ambush a hand. Always clean and put away your good knives immediately after use.

Dull/blunt knives.

People that use the wok burner on the stove top for absolutely everything with no regard/respect for the food or the pan.


People who do not use salutations in professional emails. I respond to them last.


That is one of my biggest pet peeves. I was raised that people’s time is important and its so disrespectful to act like your time is more important by not showing up on time. There is this married couple my husband insists on making plans with when we all go out in a big group and I’d gotten to where I would just stay home because they would be 20-30 minutes later than everyone else agreed on even for meals. Now we go in and order without them because my husband got tired of me not going with him.


We probably annoy the shit out of others! :rofl:


Haha don’t hate me!!


Bahaha, me too. I’m terrible at that one!!


Honestly I was just thinking about this yesterday, if I’m not all over EVERYONE in my house there’s random crap everywhere. Frustrating because there’s another adult in the house and I feel like I’m the only one trying to teach this very beneficial habit to my kids. It’s just the only way to live, without things pilling up everywhere.


I read recently when trying to figure out my problem and why I like having things clean that you can’t have an uncluttered mind when you’re literally stepping on piles of debris in your physical life. I stopped apologizing for what I need at that moment! Lol


OMG - I will always remember this topic being brought up about 16 yrs ago on another forum… I have WAY TOO MANY - I wouldn’t know where to begin, LOL.

But I’ll start with this (and this is the biggest and the most pervasive in my life right now): I cannot STAND when a young man, who is young enough to be my grandson, addresses me as MISS. “Can I help you, MISS???” Drives me INSANE. At 53 I have earned the right be addressed as Ma’am - or even better, drop the formality altogether. It’s a matter of respect. (A simple, “May I help you?” will suffice.) “Miss” is reserved for little girls and I find it insulting and rude. I swear there must be someone in my lineage who was raised in the south because there something about “yes sir” and “yes ma’am” that I find especially polite and nice. There is a kid at the grocery store that does it ALL the time. It’s so bad I’ve pulled him over and talked to him about it. He still does it. So now, I flat out ignore him if he talks to me. Pisses me off, lol.

Aside from that -

  • Stepping in a puddle of water with clean, dry socks
  • People knocking on my door sans invitation or warning (solicitors, campaigners, or whomever). I don’t answer anymore. Even friends - call or text first - is that so difficult?
  • People who refuse to text or email, but are always calling and leaving voicemail messages (especially when you’ve communicated with them multiple times that you prefer text/email)
  • Rude drivers who speed, box you in, cut you off, etc (rude people in general)
  • Groups of men who have been drinking (actually, most loud, drunk people in general)
  • People (mostly men) that treat me like I’m weak, frail, and incapable simply because of my size, age, and gender
  • Narcissists
  • Men who stand up to pee at home. That $hit isn’t allowed in my house.
  • People who spit forcibly all over the sink after brushing their teeth (e.g., my kid does this - I have no clue who he learned it from, but it wasn’t me!)

That’s actually a pretty short list. I’ve cut back over the years :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh exactly, I know that’s the reason I need a clean, minimal home. It’s not even that minimal, but you know what I mean I’m assuming lol I can’t think with everything all caddywhompus and crazy


I don’t really care about sweaty selfies - but duck faces - omg stop it already :roll_eyes:


Yessss… :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing: