Post photos of your pets!


My little man, Mcfly was staying here today with me. Short lived, he goes back to his momma tonight. :frowning:


Boo. I guess joint custody is better than no custody, though.


You’re right about that.


Colton took a nap on my chest today, he could tell momma didnt feel good


I love that dog face of total happiness!!


She loves me


One tired old dog.


Staring me down.


I love that here refuses to look at me…like, if I cant see you, you can’t see that I just jumped in your clean pile of laundry when you turned around to put the basket down! :joy:


i just love them so much! :sob::sob::sob:


Givin me the side eye


The way he sits on the couch cracks me up!


Sorry for my messy crib! The maid is on vacation! :rofl:


Someone decided that a break was needed towards the end of our walk! :joy:


This is my angel Sophie. She passed away Christmas Eve and I miss her so much. She went everywhere with me including work. Followed me everywhere around the house and yard… I loved every minute I had with her since she was 3 weeks old. I’ve been so lonely without her. I think of her everyday. :cry:



Life goals.


This monster waiting at the end of the hall for his sister to walk by…


Bella is like my shadow!


Powerless over the nip.