Post photos of your pets!



Haha, mine too. I cant even shower without him being in here without me! :laughing:


Typical Friday night with my fur child!


lol Bella sleeps on the shower mat, outside the shower waiting for me. If I’m not careful, she will try to jump in the shower with me :joy:


Tugg Boat: master relaxer :sunglasses:


I am so in love with your dogs :heart_eyes::joy::joy:


My new baby, Otis. :grin:


Mine HATES the tub now (all baths really) but he used to shower with me when he was a baby. He was SO disgusting when we got him and they ditched the puppies after around 5 weeks. So glad I got him out of that place!


One to my right…

One on the left…

And then there’s McFly…


Omg that bella girl. :heart_eyes:


It’s a local mongoose and his name is Fred. He likes short brisk runs across the awa bar floor and hangs out by my Rav in hopes of a free handout like everyone else :face_with_hand_over_mouth::crazy_face:


I’m obsessed with my new baby lol

Our jealous pup.


Toes for days





getting some cuddling in.


This isn’t my pet, he’s a puppy I met while out walking. His name is Hugo and he’s 11 weeks old. :heart_eyes:


Ohhh myyyy gaaaawd


my rabbit cat. Broken front paws and giant back legs to compensate. :heart_eyes:


Right?! I am pretty sure I squeezed when I saw him.


My love!