Posting under the influence info

FYI for people who are posting while under the influence, there is a category called Seeking Help that was created specifically for this purpose. It is a safe place for potentially triggering posts and discussions, away from the community at large.

If you post about having had a beer or two or you have used in some way and then you cannot find your post, likely it has been moved to Seeking Help.

Once you opt in, you can find it in the category list by scrolling all the way down under Categories.

Taken from the FAQs…


It’d be nice if we could get this pinned, even though the info is readily available as is.

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I added it to the new FAQ that is pinned.


I agree. I don’t think peeps purposely post under the influence on purpose, but rather not getting a heads up on the forums criteria (although it is clearly stated in the guidelines). Having it pinned may be a idear.


You are right. It’s mainly because people don’t know there’s a specific place to post while using. I think that’s why we try to calmly inform them that their post got moved to “seeking help”. We don’t wanna come off all judgie and scare them away when they need us most.

Thanks for posting this @Sassyrocks😁


The forum rules and guidelines are pinned globally until you’ve read it or dismissed it. It looks like this:

It has a quick bit about the under influence posting in it, but thanks for making this thread too!


I suck at tests…could I use notes?


Lol. We are a bunch of addicts. We like shit our way and yesterday was to late. And the mindset in early sobriety is very much that way. It’s like loving ice cream but wishing it was a warm treat. Let’s all just come back to acceptance :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I agree with you, last comnent could have used a sarcasm font.

No…my comment…not yours…i agree with you…my test comment was more a sarcastic jest.

I don’t disagree with much of that. But we all have been around enough to know that we can want rational behavior immediately from our brethren addicts but not always are they willing to comply. And I am torn on the opt out policy. That puts the load on a newcomer to have it figured out possibly to quickly. It’s 50/50 on this one for me. I just know some battles aren’t worth the effort. Handle the messes and have little timeouts :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The mini quiz to unpin isn’t possible. I think it should stay opt-in. If it’s opt-out, a lot of people will see posts of drunk/high people actively using which can be a major trigger. I’d rather have a confused drunk person whose posts keep “disappearing” than a hundred sober people relapsing.


And I side more with Robin on this one. But it’s one of those subjects that no answer will be perfect. It’s like making everyone punished for the few under the influence posts.

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