PSA: Using Tags for a better Talking Sober experience

Do you know about tags? They’re a useful tool for finding which topics interest you or not, but on this forum they are underutilized, which is a huge missed opportunity.

(Click here to jump to the most FAQ on how to quickly mute a tag.)

Maybe you have an uncommon DOC or specific interest, but can’t check every topic, and want to be notified when a new topic comes up discussing it. Or maybe there’s a topic that affects you in such a way you prefer to stay away from it. You can use tags to achieve these goals.

Seeing Tags

When you’re browsing the forum, they look like this:

Adding Tags

When you create a new topic, there is a box where you can add tags to your post:

Tapping on it will show suggestions of popular topics at first, before you start typing.

As you type, it will filter to display tags that match what you’re typing. If you are a member with Regular status, you also have the option to create a tag if it doesn’t exist. In this example, I am searching “corona”, and I can either create the “corona” tag or click on the “coronavirus” tag underneath that was found in the search.

Note to Regulars: If you create a tag that doesn’t exist, please check your spelling and check to see if a similar tag has already been created. If “self-harm” exists and you create “selfharm”, it’s not useful to the people who are already following or muting the original “self-harm” tag.

Watching and Muting Tags

Note: @Eke has described a useful quick way to do this below. The following instructions are less convenient but work more generally.

First, you’ll want to go to your profile (tap your profile picture in the top right) and find your Preferences page.

From there, use the second drop-down menu to go to the Tags section of your Preferences.

That should bring you to this page:

Type in the name of the tag into the appropriate box to add it to that section.

  • Watching: every post in every topic with that tag will give you a notification.
  • Tracking: topics with that tag will show the number of unread posts when you browse Talking Sober, but not sign you up for more notifications.
  • Watching First Post: every topic created with that tag will give you a notification when it is posted, but unlike Watching, you will not get notifications from all the subsequent replies, unless you set the thread to “Watching” manually elsewhere.
  • Muted: topics with these tags will not appear in Latest Topics (the front page, generally), and will not give you notifications.

Questions? Ask them below!


Quickly toggling Muted or Watching tags

Optionally, if you’re browsing and see a tag you want to Mute or Watch, for example this “food-trigger” tag:

Clicking on the tag brings up the page for that tag. Then click the bell in the upper right to toggle the alarm level for that. For example, Muted:

Alternatively, you can set to Watching for all notifications, or Watching First to see when new threads appear.

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Note: if a mod adds a tag to your post, it is just to be helpful to the forum in general. It is not suggesting you’re doing anything wrong, by omission or otherwise.

It may appear in your notifications as an edit of your post, but worry not — that is displayed for tag changes, category changes, and title changes, which is generally what is happening rather than us touching your content. You can actually see what changes have been made (by you or anyone else), if you want to see for yourself. Just click on the pencil icon on your post that indicates it has been edited and it will show you anything that has been changed.


Pinning for a day to give everyone a chance to see it before it drops off the front page. Users can unpin the topic for themselves whenever they want.

Tis getting a bit technical now lads! :thinking:

Maybe try the short version?

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Well, it’s also optional. If it helps then great! If not, oh well, life is still good. :slight_smile:

What, like don’t bother? :rofl::rofl:

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Thank you gentlemen. You know me I’m just having a bit of fun.
I’m sure it’s really useful. But in this instance this old dog ain’t learning no new tricks.
Love you both!


Thnx ifs!!!

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Super helpful. Thank you for explaining!

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Can someone create a gaming-addiction tag?

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@ifs @Eke

Just wanted to bring your attention to the above post.

@anon89207786 if it’s possible, these two know what to do.


Done! I added the tag gaming-addiction to a couple of previous threads about…yes, gaming addiction. Hope this helps!


thank you :smiley:

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You’re welcome!!

Edit to move this to the existing thread which is much better, that I had totally forgotten about! Sorry @ifs :sparkling_heart:

As we all know, we are a forum for people all over the world with a range of addictions. Some people have addictions to things that others find a healthy level of comfort in (e.g., sex or eating). Discussion of some of those behaviours can be very triggering to people, especially those who have experienced trauma in their past.

Tags are added to some posts but not very consistently, and it would be great to see them used more. Tags can help people find posts and community they relate to, as well as avoid subjects they may find triggering or traumatic.

You can add a tag when you create a post:

If you can’t see a tag you want to add and don’t have the option to create one, you can send a private message to @moderators (note this only works via PM, it doesn’t tag us on the main forum). If you have Regular status, you can create tags yourself.

If you are discussing something that may be traumatic to others, please add a trigger warning (TW) to the title of your post. And if you are discussing potentially triggering subjects, please create a new topic with a TW rather than adding this into existing threads.

Regulars and Moderators can edit existing posts to add trigger warnings and/ or tags by clicking the pencil icon next to the title:

If you are not a regular and find a post concerning, please message @moderators and we will update accordingly.

Sometimes we don’t realise what we are discussing could be problematic for others - and that’s OK! We assume everyone posts with the best of intentions and Moderators are on hand to help tidy things up as needed. We rely on people flagging or messaging moderators when they see issues and the support of members with Regular status to make changes as they feel appropriate.


Giving this post a bump as people may have had notifications that I am editing their posts… This is what’s going on :blush:

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