Reasons for fighting

  1. I can wake up every morning determined to win. That’s the strongest thing I can do.

  2. What I feel matters. Those feelings are a part of living in this body, in this life. So we’ve got to become good friends instead of me burying them.

  3. My living situation could become very unstable soon. I need to rely on myself and people who like me to get through this.


1- Staying present is essential to help me sleep.
2- I have turned it over to God, so my only job is to have His Spirit and keep myself clean in the way I eat, think and act.
3- If I listen to God, He will help me.
4- Nothing is more important than being steady and clean.

  1. To be a great parent to my twins!
  2. To get my self a good career
  3. To get some self respect back and be happy with life it’s self!

  1. No part of this addiction will heal the emptiness inside of me. I knew it, but now I’m beginning to believe it as well, especially now I’m beginning to understand that emptiness.

  2. I can find people who will help me. I don’t have to live like this.

  3. My mother always wanted better for me, and did her best to give it to me. I won’t throw that away.

  1. To be the best mum I can be without hangovers.
  2. To feel the emotions I have rather than drowning them with alcohol.
  3. To really live this precious life as myself, not what I think others want me to be.

  1. The better a place I’m at, the less afraid I’ll feel.

  2. There’s always something I can do to improve my situation.

  3. I’ll be able to enjoy happy things more.

  1. I will stop wasting money
  2. I will better myself
  3. I will be free :heartbeat:

#309 marriage
2. My health
3. Me, being the best me I can.

  1. I’ll probably have to go to the family reunion, and that means seeing all my baby cousins again. I don’t want my addiction anywhere near them.

  2. I’m making new coping skills. I need to practice them.

  3. I am strong because I decided this morning I would win.


Horrible feeling!! X


My reasons:

  1. I want to be beautiful and fit again
  2. I want to I want to be self-confident again
  3. I want to save money and travel with my son

  1. I am doing things that build myself up.

  2. Giving into the addiction will not give me what I want. It’ll actually take me farther from that.

  3. The difference between a good person who’s a bit of a disaster and a messed up bad person who pretends to be better than they are is that the good person strives for improvement. Even if it sucks to fail.

  1. It’s okay to feel depressed. It’s not forever. I don’t have to fix it with bad things.

  2. People love me, even though I feel alone. People can’t be available 100% of the time and that’s okay, they still love me.

  3. Even if I don’t accomplish everything I’m not a failure. I had to spend more energy on fighting through my head today, so I didn’t have enough for other things. It’s still a worthwhile use of energy.


I used to have a gratitude journal where I would write three good things that happened to me that day. It helped me keep a positive mindset.

  1. I don’t deserve to feel bad about myself for something I’m still learning to control.

  2. My brain is trying to believe I’m missing something this way. I need to remember what I’m gaining, like my freedom and confidence.

3.The future is fast coming, but flinches first before settling. I will have time to adapt. I don’t need to panic.

  1. I’d like the story I’m going through to not have any bad associations

  2. My hands have been hurting. I need to be careful, not thoughtless.

  3. I don’t want to keep feeling powerless.

  1. I’ve had several years of feeling like not having any choices. I don’t want to lose the ones I have.

  2. Is a glimpse of a high better than the taste of freedom in every breath? It shouldn’t be.

  3. My best friend keeps teaching me to trust her over and over. It’s about time I learn to let her trust me too.

  1. This addiction is buying into the lies of the world that make me misanthropic.

  2. Giving in won’t make things better. It won’t make things okay or me better.

  3. There’s a healthier life to lead. I can have that.

  1. I’m more willing to take care of myself when I don’t feel like filth.

  2. I can change my life. I can be happy.

  3. I always regret it afterwards. That means something.

  1. I can become what I want to see in the world if I move beyond.

  2. Just knowing I CAN do this makes all the difference.

  3. Things aren’t hopeless even when they’re scary. I don’t need this escape.