Reasons for fighting

  1. I’m sick of relying on people I don’t trust. I need to take charge.

  2. I deserve better. My body deserves better.

  3. I always feel more like creating things when I’m clean.

  1. I’m never gonna stop trying. I may as well do it right.

  2. The relationship I have with my brothers is one of the most important things and I couldn’t bear if I hurt it with this.

  3. I can live a full life. It is possible.

  1. I can do this. I can and I will.

  2. I want to function better, I feel like I’d be proud of that.

  3. Whatever I didn’t accomplish today is okay, because I’m devoting energy to this.

  1. I think walking into a new phase of life will be a good thing. I think I’ll be a lot happier.

  2. I might like to imagine my actions have no consequences, but in order to create meaning I need to affect the world in the small way I can. And it’s okay if it’s in an average boring way. Even average can be extraordinary in the right frame.

  3. My hands are hurting so often now. I’d like to just rest them. Let them heal.

  1. Things going wrong does not mean the end of the prospect of happiness in my life. There is no good in that “might as well”.

  2. I have goals to complete. I can’t afford to be held back by this

  3. There are solutions to try. There are ways to cope that are better. Giving up is not an option.

  1. The comfort in helplessness is an illusion. Giving my choices up and living in denial will not keep me safe. I have to choose in order to change for the better. I’m still chasing happiness.

  2. I have a dream of who I want to be. That dream does not include this addiction.

  3. The self pitying I’ll do after will drain the already low emotional energy I have. It isn’t worth it.


My family! I wanted to be strong and reliable for my family…I look at myself every sober day and know that I am demonstrating this to them…I love them so much and this what they deserve…:grin:

  1. My best friend loves me. My brother loves me. My sister in law loves me. People love me and want me to be okay. Sometimes when I’m hurting they’ll help me. They deserve my best for pulling me through my worst.

  2. I have hope for nice things in my near future. I’d like to see if I’ll get them, and if they’ll make things nicer.

  3. I did good things today and I deserve to be proud and confident.

  1. My head isn’t where it needs to be, and I hate feeling so desperate knowing everything can fall out of control. I want to be free

  2. I hate thinking my wellness and depression get worse over a vice.

  3. I want to win today. I want to win. I want to wake up and decide to keep winning.


Love how you post these everyday, I enjoy reading through them!


Thank you.

  1. I feel like I was too young to really grasp what I was getting into. I don’t want my history to tear me down forever.

  2. Everyone can re train their brains in exceptional ways. I can teach it to stop wanting this.

  3. I miss when “running away” was my go to escape plan. Not destroying my life through addictive behavior.


  1. To be able to enjoy more weekends like this.
  2. To wake up in the middle of the night and confirm I’m sober :heart:️ no more sleeping in my make up
  3. To have a strong connection with my kids

  1. Relying on God more helps me in other areas besides this.

  2. I’m going to be around baby cousins and they deserve someone they can trust.

  3. I’ve recently begun wanting more things to call Mine. To know I worked and succeeded enough to own them. To have them I need to work and succeed, not bury myself.

  1. I want to be healthy for myself my kids my family.
  2. I love feeling awake, aware and alive.
  3. Saving money and living comfortably able to buy items and pay for trips and outings is possible only withought wasting it on alcohol.

  1. When I’m clean I can endure struggle periods better, like right now.

  2. My mom wants me to be okay. I know it. She put so much into helping me. I don’t want to waste that, I want to do something with it.

  3. I caught a glimpse of another life I could have, one more exhilarating and free feeling. I would lose all of that over this. I need to clean up before I make something like that a part of my life.

  1. The feeling of sober is honestly way better then bieng drunk, there is a real comfort here in this clear head.
  2. My soon to be (legal) husband and our 2 children deserve this sober me.
  3. My skin feels better, looks better.


Good words well done keep up the hard work

  1. My home was a person, and she’s gone now. I need to build home again and I’d like to keep this out.

  2. I have writing to work on.

  3. I like my life better without the addiction.


Today’s reasons are:
•For myself; to have the “real” me back
•For all the relationships I have built back by being sober
•To have a clear, focused mind