Reasons for fighting


Yes, I count on seeing them every day! Thank you!


1- Every time is so important in breaking the cycle and disproving the lies my addictive mind tells me.
2- This day can be wonderful, and all I have to do to make it that way is defy the addiction.
3- I have made promises and I love to keep them.

  1. It’s important to remember I have choices. I can choose to improve my situation.

  2. I forget a lot that I matter to people. Reaching out can help me.

  3. Everything is less overwhelming if you just do your best with little things, day to day.


1- nothing I do of myself has any power. All my mind can do on its own is avoid.
2- I am worth it. God wants me to shed these lies and live as he meant me to.
3- if I hang in there for just a little longer I will sleep so much better tonight

  1. I am not a victim. I will not be a victim. Least of all from this.

  2. My choices affect people, including young impressionable people. “Don’t do as I do” only covers so much.

  3. Even when I’m empty and self destructive there are still good things in me.


Those are great. My reasons for fighting today:
–So much of this addiction comes from not feeding my soul. Today I will feed my soul instead, with the things I really care about–love, values, nature, faith.
–If I hang in there just till the end of my work day I will be able to sleep so well and wake up to a new day.
–Every time, every moment, every temptation matters. Every time is strengthening my real self and builgin strong new patterns.

  1. I need to learn to watch my back and manage myself until I can have full power over my life

  2. I might be getting a therapist or counselor soon and it’d be nice to tell them “I’m x days clean!”

  3. I can become something incredible. I just need to keep doing the little things.


I’m on day 2 no blow and I almost forgot the reasons I am fighting. I’m too focused on staying thin and getting stuff just for other reasons I have no clue anymore… anyway .

I FIGHT for my children’s future. I want them to be lucky to have a great mom who is there for whay they need. And to be able to help them in life like my mom did. And still does.

I FIGHT for my physical appearance. Cocaine ages u hellafast… and my nose looks different and jaw…

I FIGHT for my future. I need to get my shit together 35 and terrified of growing up


I’m guessing you have already tried deleting your dealers numbers, and if you haven’t then I highly recommend trying it. If you have them memorized is there someone you can give your phone to during peak using hours so you aren’t tempted to call the dealer?


During temptations all rational thinking disappears. All I think about is I want it

  1. Even if it feels like I’m alone there are a lot of people hoping I’ll be okay. People I love.

  2. If I can’t be a whole person I won’t be able to make healthy relationships. I won’t have what I crave.

  3. I deserve to get through this. I deserve to survive and thrive.


1- promised I’d fight. 2- I deserve a better life. 3- I want to be happy


Exactly why you shouldn’t have your phone


1- the innocence of children. All the things they love are so innocent and wonderful and I can only love that if I choose that instead of the addiction. 2- imagining the feeling of holding my own babies someday

  1. I might never have the kind of family most people do, but I’m not going to let that stop me from having A family. And when I do, I better be the last thing to hurt it.

  2. My dad is finally beginning to step up a little bit and I’d like to encourage that. Maybe one day we can have a relationship that isn’t avoiding actually talking about anything meaningful.

  3. I have a few little party tricks I’d like to learn. They’re little and pointless, but if I give into the comfort of doing nothing instead, I’ll never be able to do those.

  1. I have decided I do not want to endure another freaky addiction dream. So I just want to get through this and be done with them.

  2. Being home alone is very difficult for me, and I’ll have to put up with it soon. So I’ll have to do something drastic like leave the house or talk to people, which I won’t do if I’m feeling lousy.

  3. I’m a strong person. I’ve endured a lot of hard things. And it’s hard to remember sometimes but I CAN beat this. I can.

  1. I did a scary thing today and I deserve to feel good about it.

  2. My brother and his wife seem to only think good of me. They’ve even offered me a place to stay if I need it. I can’t for the life of me figure out why they’d be willing to go through that trouble, but I must be worth it.

  3. There are healthier coping mechanisms. When I get them down, my life will be much brighter.

  1. So I can be the best version of me that I can be.
  2. Support my daughter in becoming a strong and happy young woman.
  3. So I can wake up and feel proud, healthy and strong instead of lonely and ashamed

  1. I need to be able to trust myself if I’m going to be able to get myself out of danger should it occur.

  2. It’s no way out. It just digs me deeper. Everything it promises is a lie.

  3. I’d like to be proud of me.

  1. Becoming a bigger person is how I avoid pain.

  2. I don’t want to be someone like my dad. That’s where this will take me.

  3. No one ever fixed themselves by chasing breaking.