Reasons for fighting


Hey how you doimg… Tjought we could realte. Hit me back😎


How’s it going @GlOmar_Simms? I’m Derek and I’m an addict. I’ve been clean a little over 8 months.

  1. I’m tired of being under it’s thumb.

  2. I feel so much more capable clean.

  3. I’ve still got baby cousins running around. The precious angel that told me a completely nonsense story for thirty minutes deserves 100% safe trustworthy adults.

  1. Next day regrets… having to ask my husband or friend what happened that night because I literally have forgotten HOURS of time by the time I wake up with a hangover and confusion.

  2. Take better care of myself which in turn is setting a good example for my 4 children.

  3. I’m awesome, and the world deserves the best version of me. Pay it forward occasionally.


Hey there!

  1. I can’t imagine to what depths I’ll sink if I were to stop fighting. I can’t do that.

  2. I want to have someone close to me, and I don’t want this to interfere.

  3. I enjoy feeling like a whole person.

  1. This is what’s best for me. This is how I save myself.

  2. My energy is going into productivity instead of healing what I hurt.

  3. I want to move forward in life

  1. Near failures scare me so freaking bad. They mess me up. This isn’t just a nasty habit it’s hurting me.

  2. I’ve only got so much energy and I don’t want to waste it here.

  3. What I “gain” is nothing compared to everything I lose.

  1. There’s no room in my life or my destruction for this. In neither place do I want it around.

  2. My mother supported my healing. She’d want me to heal.

  3. I can do good things for myself if I just put the work in.

  1. The best way to believe in being more is to achieve being more.

  2. I’m sick of feeling scared of what other people will do with my life. I’m sick of being scared of what I’ll do with my life.

  3. Ever since mom died, nothing has felt like home. I need to find home, and it isn’t fermenting here.

  1. The best way to be safe is through healing. I’ll have the same energy to move forward.

  2. I’ll like myself more.

  3. I want to stop waiting to fail. I want to succeed.


This is an awesome ideal and I think it would do me some good to do it too. Thanks for sharing another tool to help stay sober. :slight_smile:
My 3 reasons for fighting today are:

  1. I want to win this losing battle I’m having with depression and I can’t do it drunk.
  2. I need to be here for my son.
  3. I love my job and want to keep it.


Best reasons ever!

  1. I enjoy being clean

  2. I’ll be able to sleep better

  3. I’ll be okay without it. I have other options.

  1. My hands are hurting, I want to be gentle with them.

  2. No one deserves to be hurt by this addiction. I don’t deserve to be.

  3. If I plan on helping other people and developing healthy relationships I’ve got to have a healthy relationship with me first.

  1. I want to feel at peace

  2. I don’t have the emotional energy for this trash

  3. To be something more than I am now involves sacrifice.

  1. People are more willing to be kind than I sometimes expect. I don’t have to feel trapped and look for “ways out”.

  2. Just years ago I was in the worst place of my life. Today I’m not great, but I’m league’s better than I was then.

  3. I’m sick of feeling guilty.

  1. To be more present

  2. To notice/remember the little things that used to make me smile but have gone unnoticed while intoxicated

  3. For my body to find it’s natural balance again. ( sleep patterns, hormonal patters, natural tiredness, natural wakefulness, true joy, happiness, sadness, anger, love, self value…)

  1. Nothing is worth my freedom

  2. When I stop caring is the day everything stops mattering

  3. There’s an end to this. There must be.

  1. It’s never freaking worth it. It never is. It never is.

  2. I hate the way it twists my life.

  3. The things it puts in my head are so foreign and wrong. It makes me feel sick.