Reasons for fighting


This is me at day 1 sober. About 20 pounds ago and 46 days ago

  1. Tomorrow is my mom’s birthday.

  2. Trying to do some tidying up in my room. It’s a little stressful sometimes, but it makes me feel better about my situation.

  3. I don’t want to be the kind of person who can never change, even at the detriment of my loved ones.

  1. I am not the problem. It didn’t start with me. I don’t deserve self abuse.

  2. My mom would be awfully sad for me to give up on her birthday.

  3. I am allowed to be upset about this situation without internalizing it. I deserve a chance.

  1. Our family vacation/thanksgiving is right around the corner. I want to have a sober family filled time.
  2. I enjoy caring
  3. My health has to come first.


Good post! My name is Susie, and I have been sober for a little over 11 years now, there have been days when I wonder why I am staying sober, but then I think about all the wonderful blessings I have received since I chose this path of Sobriety…first of all, my older daughter has forgiven me for my mistakes I made when I was drinking. She moved out here, from Calif., to be near me, then she got married, and now I have a beautiful grand-daughter, and a precious little grandson! And I get to see them all the time! I wouldn’t be able to if I was still drinking! Almost all of my family have forgiven me . I have tried sending letters, cards, etc. Now it’s up to her, my youngest sister. I’m not giving up hope.

  1. Not feel ashamed about my behavior.

  2. Feel more hydrated.

  3. So much more drive and energy.


-Earn self respect again, be comfortable in my own skin
-Become productive, continue to work on creative projects
-Get myself on the list of priorities at last, preferably higher up!

More time helping the helpless…

  1. So I can start doing things for myself instead of waiting in others

  2. There are so many unhealthy normalized aspects of various additions. I don’t want to forget that it’s pain.

  3. I have some control of myself. I’m still working on so many things with my mental illnesses, I’m not sure I’ll ever be done with them, but I can control this. I didn’t start with this.


1.I’ll be a better mother to my son.
2. I’ll stop doing things I don’t remember and regret.
3. I’ll be more stable and gain my parent’s trust back.

  1. I want my daughters to have a different childhood than I did.
  2. I don’t want to feel the regrets.
  3. I never want to be hungover again.

  1. I sleep better, so I feel better.

  2. The only way to do anything right is to do it yourself. If I can’t get help I’ll make myself my help. I’ll climb out of this pit and change however I need to. I am a survivor and I won’t break that streak.

  3. I’m not going to fall to my father’s bad influence.

  1. I want to live a peaceful happy life.
  2. My girls.
  3. My marriage

  1. Every time I give in it drags my whole world five shades bleaker.

  2. My self worth needs the boost.

  3. Little kid me would cry about this. It’s not right.

  1. I am starting to feel like I am living a life I always wanted.
  2. I stay more connected with people.
  3. I have more confidence in my own abilities


This is my life, shouldn’t it be worth something???

  1. I’d like to be reliable in some aspect.

  2. When I’m finally brave enough to face my fears, I want to be resolved enough to stand it. I want it to be sustainable.

  3. I’m sick of feeling undeserving of other’s admiration or interest. Of feeling worthless. Tear down the skeletons from the closet.

  1. I know truthfully that the addiction isn’t what I want, it’s the relief. It’s the buzz.

  2. Addictions are horribly inconvenient.

  3. I’m pretty sick of all these delusions.

  1. I like knowing I can drive my family home safe.
  2. Less social anxiety in the long hall
  3. I want to be someone my kids are proud of

  1. I’m eager to get to a new place in life

  2. The less bad coping mechanisms I have, the healthier I’ll be.

  3. I never want to give up my chances at happiness.

  1. Getting closer to God.

  2. More energy to pull myself out of depression

  3. I’d like to stop drowning out the world at some point.