Reasons for fighting

  1. Able to face greater challenges
  2. More able to go from a Type A to a Type B
  3. S.A.D is not so sad


My 3 reasons for staying sober today…

1.) I want to feel refreshed and energetic in the morning
2.) I enjoy being guilt free and not having to worry about what I did the night before
3.) I want to quit before something very bad and irreversable/irreparable finally happens.

  1. I like having control
  2. I enjoy time with my girls.
  3. I like providing a safe place for myself, my girls, and others that may need it

  1. I like to recall a moment in the past where I was reliable for a younger girl who needed it. If I can just embody that it’ll super.

  2. I’m sick of the world distorting how I see things.

  3. I got stuff done today bc I was clean!!

  1. Because yesterday was day 80, I can’t even believe I am so close to triple digits.
  2. I am still trying to show people being sober is a good decision
  3. Tomorrow’s Halloween and I want to try it sober

  1. Halloween might actually go chill this year, which wasn’t really part of the plan But I’ll take it.

  2. My adorable lovely sweet friend who has the amounted confidence of a bean. I want to have emotional energy to remind her that she’s wonderful.

  3. I’m gathering together Independent Acts I have done as an adult. It’s be freaking rad to have “killed an addiction” on there.

  1. Sober Halloween
  2. Being safe at home with my family on a night when bad decisions are often made
  3. My actions maybe rubbing off on others :laughing:

  1. My steps towards growth aren’t usually very obvious. But when they stack up they’re undeniable. I can’t wait to have this under my belt.

  2. I care about interacting with people. Am physically able to do it! Crazy.

  3. Giving up is such a pointless thing to do.

  1. Kids
  2. Health
  3. Kids

  1. Cleaner house
  2. Energy for details
  3. Not be scared to be angry with someone

  1. Not gain weight.

  2. Sleep better.

  3. Feel confident.


ANXIETY, anxiety, anxiety


I think as most of you move on in sobriety you will stop trying to fight and start trying to understand.

I have many things that I love and hold dear to me, things that I would fight for yet none of those things stopped me from drinking. I stopped because I was done.

I have to learn by making the mistake myself, I hope everyone that reads this can learn can learn from our mistakes.

Yes I have a drinking problem but I have a much larger thinking problem, and that’s my focus now.

Fighting is no longer part of my equation but I can understand why it was part of mine at one time and now how it’s part of yours.

Pain is mandatory, and suffering is optional. Things do get much, much better.

  1. I feel better
  2. I want to like myself
  3. My girls

  1. I feel more like a person

  2. There are other ways to get relief

  3. At some point I have to decide who I am. I have to choose if I’m going to let this be a part of me.


Thanks for starting this thread @ShamedPuppet

  1. Live life in accordance to my values and highest self
  2. Rediscover what it means to be truly alive
  3. Build meaningful relationships and contribute to the lives of others

  1. Make life better for others.
  2. Make positive memories with my girls.
  3. Build true friendships

  1. If I’m going to sit through the amount of suffering I have, I’ve gotta aim for joy and peace. I want them in my life and I won’t settle for less.

  2. I’ve always admired people who can lift others. I want to be like that.

  3. No one got better by hurting others.

  1. I feel like I am helping other self evaluate by making better decisions for myself.
  2. I love sober weekends
  3. I am almost to 90 day :smile:

  1. I want to find that smidgen of peace and joy my mother brought to me.

  2. I’d like to go to the temple.

  3. There isn’t really any point in not believing in myself. I might as well go for it.