Rough Morning, Horrible Cravings

I woke up this morning thinking about a drink, and knew then today was going to be the toughest yet. Day 5 usually is. It’s usually the point where I feel better and “good” enough to think I can handle a drink. I can’t remember, but I might have dreamed about drinking, too.

The weather in my part of the world is PERFECT today, and that’s always another huge trigger for day drinking. It was almost a hundred degrees outside yesterday, but today it’s in the upper 70s and there’s this lovely breeze.

My strategy today is to just now leave my place today. I’m scared if I go out, I may end up at the liquor store. My mind is trying to find every way to justify having a drink right now. So, I literally am going to stay in. Luckily, the way the light flows into my place and the cross breezes from the open windows makes me feel a little more at peace.

Like the other day, I’ll have a cup of tea for relaxation (which really works, at least it seems like it does) and focus on the little things I didn’t complete during the week. Staying busy and eliminating temptation are my coping strategies for now.


You’ve identified some coping strategies. This forum is a treasure trove of ideas and experience. Check out a couple of topics that are particularly rich.

BTW, a virtual or in-person AA meeting is a good safe place to be if you want to stay sober.


You are not alone! The first 10 days were the toughest for me. I totally can relate to that thinking of feeling better “oh time to party now”. Keep yourself busy and distracted. Your negative addictive voice is trying to get you to fall back into an old routine. If you make it through the day you win!

Someone on here says you are able to do anything safe and legal to avoid drinking. Eat your favorite dessert. Binge trash tv. Stay hydrated.

I know just jumping on a zoom aa meeting, distracting me and making me feel less alone in the battle helps keep me busy.


Hi :slightly_smiling_face:
How is everything going today?


I feel you, I hope you feel better I myself thought about it as well it’s hard. But we got this!


Hey! So yeah, I caved over the weekend, but recommitted to it and working on the next 24 hrs. How are things moving along in your sober journey?

I’m so scared to talk to my doc. But it may have to come to that if I can’t do it myself. Thanks for sharing all of these tips, truly helpful :blush: