Runner's log


It did, it’s my new favorite


Haha hey give me a little credit, my 6’6’’ 36 year old (next Sunday) ass can still fly :joy::joy:


Your dreds are pimp though


Keep at it though. Dreds are bad ass. They fall in the punk category,


I’m thinking about corn rowing my fro


Got me beat. I melted in my chair. I ain’t doin shit :joy::joy:


I used Runkeeper App on a sail in the Bay this weekend just for fun. I still need to actually try it on a run! :joy:


Yes, it had a bunch of other stats. I just didn’t capture them. It’s a new app so I was playing with it a bit. It also has splits and elevation charts, miles, duration, min/mile and calories. Better pic:


26th and today! Progress is my motivation! 28 days sober. So excited to reach a month. I have all of you on this app and God to thank!


Hey! I think this is amazing! I love running as well! How does it start and what do we do to keep in running touch?


I’m on Runkeeper, too. I really love the app, but I’ve been running on the treadmill at home due to the heat(I’m lazy right now but 24 days sober so not complaining!). Do y’all think the calorie burn estimator and pace tracker are accurate?


Have not skated in over a week. It truthfully kicked my ass. 104 degrees and raining.


A heart rate monitor is a great idea. For now, enjoy this Instagram of me faceplanting trying out a kneeboard:


Haha ooooo other joys of water sports :joy::joy:


I get hurt every single time, especially when I get the rare chance to go surfing. Fun times!


I used to run. Was a staple of military fitness. Last time I actually ran was 2011. Boogered my knee training for a marathon. Instead of powering down and switching to an alternative while healing, I tried to “train through the pain”. Ran a half-marathon and knew by the half-way that I should stop. I didn’t. Finished the half, and that was it.

I walk, swim, bike and hike. No more running for me.


THank you so much for resurrecting! Heading to softball (indoor😉) with my daughter now. Looking forward to reading is thread.


Right on! :running_woman: :running_man:


Philly runner checking in! Last race was the Philly Half in November. Drank beer and bourbon (wtf!) the night before to “shake my nerves”. Slowest time ever, felt like I was gonna die even tho I’ve done that distance before and the weather was perfect.

Signed up for the full marathon in Nov '18 (my first). 5 days without any drinks. Trying to shine in 2018 and onwards, but right now I’m trying to push through January.

And it’s too icy here to run outside so onto the treadmill…ah well as long as these feets are moving and my will is strong.


Both my daughters loved the baby jogger. It was good for both of us as I get cabin fever easily and can’t stay inside for long!