Runner's log


Oh good!! So.glad you got out there. I ran today too. Sometimes a struggle to motivate but I’m never sorry I went!!


Doing kickboxing work out tonight. In about an hour I will be a wreck.


Another day, another trail run!


Mileage ^ + Time v = :grin:


I emailed my midwife to ask if I am allowed to do running/walking and kettlebell workouts after having lapsed in my workouts since sept. I feel like I am going to be just starting over. Again. The major effort for the day today was bothering to ask. Smh

I tried to open a pickle jar today and it almost won. I don’t ever need help. I could feel what is left of my abs quaking like it was the end of the world but really the effort was mediocre. I hope she clears me for the kettlebell swings. If this pickle jar almost won the battle, I am not feeling very confident about birth going so smoothly this time.


You’ll bounce back…that’s just the pregnant fatigue talking. Kettlebells are pretty aggressive if u haven’t been doing them all along, but I would think U’d be fine for some brisk walking with pickles in hand! Although I haven’t been pregnant, I’m always terrified about taking time off for injuries or illness but muscle memory is a beautiful thing, it may take a couple months, but if you were consistent going into the lapse, it will come back before you know it. The body is pretty resilient.


Well, my bell isn’t super heavy. I was only swinging it and not overhead. Swings are mostly a leg thing. Seems like other than stabilisation work that it would not be asking anything unreasonable from pregnant abs. I did see a gentle prenatal kettlebell workout with no swings that I asked her about too.

I hear you though, so before I did anything stupid I decided to ask her.


Omg, so she wrote me back the following. Guess I’m out of excuses once the snow melts.

If you’ve been doing it you are fine.
If you want to restart it go slow.
If it hurts stop.
If you need a nap take it!


Wooo hooo! Get it done! :laughing:


There are seven days in the week… “One Day” is not one of them. :wink: Start slow and short and build on it. It’s huge for mental clarity and overall wellbeing.


Beautiful day for a trail run!

Physical Exercise

With my friend “Santi”…:grin:


Love that app


Interval training this morning. First time in 8 months. That sucks - but now that it’s done, I feel amazing!!


Never saw that app before! Amazing!


U gotta have Strava to use it, but it’s awesome because if you take pix on your runs or rides, it automatically incorporates them into the 3D map as a story. Both are free apps.


Intervals are the best!


Just completed my first obstacle course race of the year (Spartan SoCal Super)…in years past, that wristband in the bottom of the pic would have been cashed in immediately following the finish…not only did I not have ANY desire to cash it in, but I gave it away to someone in line for :beer:, so they got a freebee. It was another great sober morning, and an awesome race.


I like the part about the nap.


I liked the permission at all.

I actually did walk several miles at a park today while my daughter rode her bike at a skateboard park next to the track. It was surprising how exhausting it was. Mostly because of my reduced lung capacity. I got to listen to the first 5 chapters of Great Expectations though so it was sweating time well spent.