Runner's log


This is the longest I’ve ran, ever. Been battling a cold these last few days too.


Holy cow, man…


I surprised myself too a little. I felt good today. It’s like in Forrest Gump, I just decided to keep on running :grinning:


You could easily do a half marathon!


That’s one of my goals for 2018. I could probably do one now but definitely not maintaining a 8 min mile pace. Miles 8 and 9 definitely hurt more than I wanted them too. And I’m walking around like an old man today! But I know once I recover I will be faster and stronger.


my legs hurt!!..:rofl:


Nice elevation changes!


Anyone else get some miles in today?


I’m planning some intervals this evening after work. There’s a track around a park that’s 0.3 miles, so my plan is to run them at or below 6 min/mi. I spent my weekend cycling and last week was a recovery week. This week it’s on though!


So… Have you booked a 1/2 marathon?? I’m doing an event called rat race in May and I need to get up to 20 miles and 200 obstacles by then. Us anyone else lost their mind and signed up for something ridiculous? Or is it just me? X


Not running related, but I’m thinking about signing up for a 125 mile bike ride in May that has 12,356 feet of elevation gain! Farthest I’ve ridden is 107 generally flat. I’m going to focus on 5k running wise, hopefully win one eventually. The half marathon I’m eveying isn’t until the fall. That obstacle course seems like it’ll be fun. There have been some around here, but not that intense.


Friends and I are training for the New York a city Half Marathon next month. I love NYC and have never done a race there. We plan to run ten miles tomorrow.


Awesome! Signing up for crazy events is my new addiction!? I have signed up for all (3) distances of the Spartan obstacle course races this year as well as a 26k skyrunning event at 10k foot elevation.


Bought new shoes and ran 5 km with them today, really liking the asics gel feel, never tried them before.

30 mins of weights and core after, feeling great for it.


Good for you. I want to get back in to swimming too, so going to swim tomorrow and give my calf a break from running for a couple of days.


Love the ASICS…switched over to those for my most recent pair of road shoes. I run Salomons for mud and trails.


Wow! That sounds amazing! What a fantastic adventure! When are you doing it?


Wow awesome!! I’ve seen the spartan races advertised. They look amazing! Have you done it before? Adventure races are a brilliant focus. You can’t go training with a hangover!


It takes place May 20…it’s here in North Alabama, but it’s on the East side of the state, which is hilly, and I’m on the West, which is flat. I punish myself regularly when it comes to fitness, so I’m needing a new “fix”. Thats part of why I’m getting into running, not bored of cycling, just wanting some variation to keep things interesting.


That sounds like a brutal ride, but definitely worth doing.