Runner's log


Yall are doing awesome…keep up the good work. I’m not a runner but I’m doing my body weight exercises and car detailing over here. I’ll post a hot and sweaty selfie when I get a chance. :grin:


Awesome idea! I can’t run due to my knees but I have been seeking exercise as a motivator keep from drinking. I do pilates 1 to 2 x a week along w exersing on my own. It helps clear my head especially if I’m craving a drink. Good luck!


Okay I got out of rehab and I had been walking a couple of miles a day so I thought I’d try running well the 4th day my body told me to act my age. I spent the next six weeks trying to function on an incredibly painful knee. So I went a different route too. I usually mow with a zero turn mower but I have decided that I am going to push my yard. So every five days I’m sweating my ass off with you all. It’s not pretty and a young lady called me out last night at my meeting. Young whipper snappers :stuck_out_tongue:.


Thanks I walk constantly more for my mental clarity than exercise honestly. And I was trying to run on the streets I figured when the weather gets more comfortable I’d see about trying it again. Yeah I have not pushed a mower in decades it’s an hour long work out lol.


Lifters log - entry one: I hate running :tired_face:


Awesome job! I followed one of those when I first started running. :thumbsup:

Are you doing a 5k soon?


went for a run… It was not a good one, but did it none the less!!


Great job on your run! I’m hoping to shave off some time myself. I used to be able to run a 5k in about 30 min. Now halfway through I wish someone would drive me home, lol.


I run with my dog. So we pause a lot lol.


That’s what is kind of nice about running with other people. Even though they are complete strangers, you still get this sense of community. Everyone is accomplishing something together, and crossing that finish line feels flippin awesome.

I always look for the ones with sweet swag and a medal.


Yes! In september. If I can fix the childcare. I dont care so much about the race but happy to be running!


I have a 5K suds run on the 19th


Didn’t run today as I wanted to rest my body. But I did yoga after my coffee this morning then took my dog out for a beach trail walk. 1.5 hrs. Had a swim. Took some amazing pictures. And actually didn’t have to find a place to squat and pee every 15 mins!!


I’m done… Short 3 miles… It is time to kick it up!
26.2 in 8 weeks😱


This is a very motivating conversation. I’m only 1 day sober and really need to focus my energy on getting back in shape instead of just getting sober. I had a sweaty hungover session at the skatepark with the kids yesterday and felt so horrible. Time to grow up…at 43:)


I will share my pathetic progress/return to running. I’ve ran quite a few 5K’s and two halfs, but I had to quit running on any sort of schedule about 3 years ago once my wife became very ill. She died a year and a half ago after a 4 year battle with breast cancer. The bird is a long story. One of my wife’s spiritual friends told her about how after her dad died at her wedding reception, a cardinal appeared nearby. She started seeing cardinals when she was feeling at her worst after her dad’s death and she began believing that the cardinals were actually spirit birds, or the soul of her deceased father. Several days after my wife died, my 7 year old son and I were out at my parent’s house and we saw a bird fall from the sky and hit a storage shed really hard. We ran to go see what it was and it was a cardinal that had knocked itself silly. It hung around for about 20 minutes, letting us hold it and my son petted it. He believes it was his mother’s soul. We still have two cardinals that hang around our backyard, one that he believes is his mother and the other being my wife’s niece who died two months after her at age 17. My son gets super excited whenever he sees the cardinals together. I’m not interested in debating the afterlife here at all, as I have no post-life knowledge, only the present. I’m just looking forward to getting it together and conquering my bad habits and replacing them with good ones. Tired of feeling terrible!


Thank you. We are adjusting. It is harder to get in a good outdoor run being a solo parent. I do have a treadmill, though. Occasionally, I can get my kid to run with me:)


Best sign I saw when I was doing a run was one a little kid was holding up which said…

“I’ve been training months to hold this sign”


Is there a Park Run near you? They are worldwide I think. All free. 5k. I guess Google park run?
Keep running!


Ha! Awesome. I did a marathon relay with a group of friends so while I was waiting my turn to run, I held a sign that said,
“If a marathon was easy
It’d be called your mom.”

Lots of laughs that day :smile:

And sorry everyone, been feeling under the weather so I haven’t been running. I think by tomorrow I’ll be back at it. :sneezing_face: