Shaman in recovery?

Wondering if there are any others on a shamanic path in recovery here? I am just three days sober. Sobriety is actually an ordeal for me, in addition to being something I finally want for myself. I’d like to talk to others who share spiritual practices with mine.


curious to hear what kind of spiritual practises you are talking about? Care to elaborate a little?

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Dude for the last time. This is a sobriety forum. Stop telling people to keep using drugs


Thank you.

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That isn’t my path per se, but when you step back and look at the spiritual principles behind things – I think you will see that you have more in common with others than you may at first blush.


i did not. he said he is using a shaman path in recovery, which is using psycedelics.

Not necessarily. It uses transcendence. There are skills to transcend without the use of intoxicants.


ok i didnt do anything wrong besides ask if he was gonna use pschys for this (thats relevant to the topic since he mentioned using a shamanic path). I did not break any guidlines because all I did was say that personally I think its a good idea and asked if that was what he was talking about.

It’s not wrong to just ask about psychedelics per se, and I can go along with that being on topic, but encouraging people to use them is a different story, and that’s the part that’s against the rules. The way you’re saying it’s a very good method is implicitly encouragement to use as far as I’m concerned.


I’m really curious. Shamanism has it’s roots in Russia. Not sure if american use of the word shamanic is at all similar to how it’s understood in my culture for example. I have found that many words are used and have different meanings to those who speak english.


I’m genuinely curious myself. I like learning about new forms of spirituality

people say for example using x(legally prescribed) too get off alcohol is effective a lot which doesnt seem to ever raise a problem to anyone. using psychs with a shaman is actually legal so there is no difference in the two situations, you should really think that through more

Following medical advice is a different story. That won’t include MDMA for alcohol detox. And legality varies with jurisdiction so that’s not a claim you can universally make. Because there are legal uses in a spiritual practice context in some places I’m not dinging you on that illegal activity forum rule though.

how would you define spiritual?

True story: I found a place that would administer hayabusa(sp) in a “safe” environment because I wanted a white light experince.

Cool older dude walked up and asked “do you meditate or pray often?” “Have you read the bible or any other religious texts?” My answer was either no or not very much. “And the first thing you want to do is take drugs to have this white light experince?”

Dude had a strong point


ok I’m really hoping soon the world will realize all the potential pshycs have. some parts of the world all BEGINNING to but its a long process before we will see any big changes. we need more research and its not going to speed up any with them being so hated upon. there is so much potential wasted…

Shamanism has been used to describe the spiritual practices of many cultures: Native Americans, pre-confucian China, Japan, Mongol, just to name a few.


potential for what?

many things. treatment with anxiety, deppression, and even addiction disorders