Shout Outs

Thought I’d just throw this out there. I’m a naturally selfish person. I dont like that vice in myself and try to care more about others, because I do! Sometimes it’s difficult to see others struggles through our own s**t-stained glasses. I’ve got a few people that have been on my mind that I want to succeed!

@Cgty04 has been struggling hard but hasn’t been getting beaten down. That’s the right spirit, brother! Keep it up!

@Rachel I haven’t seen you post your own story on here. The advice you’ve had has been inspiring though, and I’m sure others, myself included, would like to know how we can give back.

@Gabe.G You’ve been a great inspiration to me as a sober father. I have been struggling to be sober for years. You definitely honor the title though.

Share your own gratitude for the people who have helped you out today!


You are such a great inspiration for me and I receive the greatest support from you. I will keep fighting and improving myself.:grinning:


Wow man, thank you!! I can defo say the same about you. I always enjoy seeing post from you because we are both married dads with young children.
We are very lucky men. We are both doing the best we can with what we’ve got. And that’s a pretty beautiful thing!

Thanks Brother:)


I only found a home here and continued to share my experience, strength, and hope because of the runner’s log thread and the amusing banter of @Rex and @Elisabeth. I miss them both. Rex pops in once and a while and Elisabeth does as well but it isn’t like it used to be. Then in round 2 @Gabe.G, Chad (@Outofash), Angie, and @anon53189373 became my running mates. All these people are so strong and wonderful. I pray they are all doing well, even if they aren’t hanging out around here so much.


I first connected with @spartan_chris We had that “warrior brotherhood” connection. Same with @anon46927530 and I know he’s rigged for silent running right now. Wish he’d blow the tanks and surface more. Sending you one ping, and one ping only.


I am so thankful to all the folks who initially reached out to me - and especially to my girls @Lionfish and @RedDragon. We three came here about the same time, and I am in constant admiration of them as women who are working so hard to make wonderful lives for themselves and for their families.


Mine also includes @anon46927530 as we joined around the same time and he really talked me off the ledge at my grandfather’s funeral. I would have reset otherwise that day. His presence is missed on the boards!

@Ninetales and @Jammie, my original sober triplets helped me a ton as well.

@Yoda-Stevie. Sooo many things to say but most of all just thank you for your insights.

All the people I have talked to on here really has changed my perspective on everything I thought I knew when I joined, so really I thank each and every one of you here for broadening my horizons in SO many ways. Those veterans that helped pave the road before me and those that are joining us now. I super love my sober people!!! As well as @Robin for creating this site.

And, @Yomomma, she may not have been online in the beginning but as my bestie, she made quitting bearable and helped me keep my sanity when I needed it most. Still does, every single day and has for over a decade consecutively now!

I’m truly blessed!!! Thanks for the thread @rmgrimmer!


and I would be remiss in not giving a shout-out to my sober twin @Benedictine


Yeah! Where has she been? @Benedictine check in!


Omg, and @Sassyrocks was in wave 2 and is still around. I love you!


Lol, love you too and appreciate all you have shared over the past 500, you entertain but mostly inform and share your unique perspective so well.

My biggest shout out would be to Angie who helped so very much to keep me sane and grounded in early days and @Quitter who made me laugh and I miss. @NewPerspective, @Yoda-Stevie, @Gabe.G, @Benedictine have all been inspiring and helpful. And of course @Robin for making this safe space for us.


And she arrives to class up the joint for a time!

Move to the States. You’d be off right now for the summer!


shout outs, fun!

angie, @Melrm, @Gabe.G, @NewPerspective


Glad to hear you’re doing well!

Have to say that it was and is still great that I found someone who started around the same time as me on this group, and I know whenever I have a need to talk to someone no matter what time it is in the world they will always reply, I admire your strength through sobriety and I am spurred on to do better by your progress :slight_smile: @MoCatt


Same to you. There are not enough Dad’s out there. Plenty of Fathers, not enough Dad’s.

How could I have forgotten @Robin? How ungrateful of me. Honestly though, I dont think I would have made it this far into sobriety if it weren’t for this resource. Everyone here has been such a support to me.


Thanks @les and @Sassyrocks you’re both huge inspirations to me too.

There’s so many great people for me to single out on here, each member has helped me grow and stay sober in their own way.

I do miss Chad @Outofash I wish he’d come back. @Melrm, @Elizabeth, @lizak, @DrunkNoMore, @Ray_M_C_Laren, @Sassyrocks, @Gabe.G, @Steve92, @LeilaBird, @JustL, @anon53189373, @MissDuse were all my inspirations in my early days, I am so grateful to you all and to those I have forgotten so much. Thank you.

Also @Charlesfreck, @weevee, @Lola, @Benedictine, @Yoda-Stevie, @anon61112164, @Uniek, @AndyC555 (I hope you’re OK).

Now I love seeing all members, old and new progress and share their lives and if the Real Derek of Syracuse ever becomes a TV show @Englishd I think I’d definitely be glued to it.


Some of the most helpful people for my recovery were @DrunkNoMore, @LeilaBird, @C-sun, @Gabe.G, @Sassyrocks, @anon53189373, @Outofash, and Chad. I was an emotional mess for quite awhile, but they were always there, and pushing forward like the warriors they are.
And of course, @Robin. This app was my only source of recovery related inspiration. And I thank you for that.


Yes @LeilaBird!!


@Elisabeth and @louwho werealso there a lot for me.