Shout Outs


Some of the most helpful people for my recovery were @DrunkNoMore, @LeilaBird, @C-sun, @Gabe.G, @Sassyrocks, @MewilHoward, @Outofash, and Chad. I was an emotional mess for quite awhile, but they were always there, and pushing forward like the warriors they are.
And of course, @Robin. This app was my only source of recovery related inspiration. And I thank you for that.


Yes @LeilaBird!!


@Elisabeth and @louwho werealso there a lot for me.


@Elisabeth and @MrsJones were the first two people I ever talked to I believe. I hope they are still well. I would tag everyone else but you know who you all are. Everyone Ive talked to for the past 500 days was a great tool and help to my journey. Even the people I disagree with helped me learn more about myself and life in general. Now for a completely random question because i can mever stay on track…did @Gabe.G have his kid yet?


Lol, I am glad you stuck around. Wasn’t sure about you in the beginning. I was like “who is this pissy bitch that can’t take funny videos about girls in bunny suits wearing more clothes than most ppl wear to the beach?!” You taught me more empathy and understanding for people with your affliction. Lots of the SA types keep to their own threads. I am so glad you settled in to the whole group so we could learn more tolerance from you.


Yep. He has a lot of hair. Skim the sober baby thread for the 26th of may.


@rmgrimmer, thank you for thinking to start this shout-out, and thank you for the kind words you had for me. I can’t tell you how much that means to me. Because of your comments, I will share my story.

In the meantime, I want to also shout out for:

@Englishd for being around and sharing so much. You are always respectful, but you’re never afraid to warn or to give a strong opinion. Thank you for sharing what you have leaned in your recovery.

@Jessi.lynn for the supportand love you have shown me. Thank you for your example in being more brave that I am.


Haha! Yeah, that was a little bitchy. I had barely relapsed and was pretty vulnerable. I’ve got some thicker skin now. Glad I was able to merge with you all here! I can thank a lot of my sobriety to you guys.

@Rachel I’m totally looking forward to it! Tag me and I’ll follow.


Thanks for the shoutouts everyone! :grin:


Ahh I don’t feel I am more brave then you. It takes a great deal of bravery to admit a sex addiction as a female as I said. You admitted just as I have that makes you brave too :two_hearts:


@Englishd, Derek, you are a daily source of hope, amusement, and insight. My younger brother.

@C-sun, I just fucking adore you.

@rmgrimmer, Rob, thank you for teaching me to be a more empathetic, less judgmental person.

@Jessi.lynn, Jessi, my sister from another family, I think we have so many similarities. I admire your commitment to yourself, your girls, Chris, and your sobriety. Our differences delight me, and I learn from you every day.

@Yoda-Stevie, Stevie, I haven’t posted much about my story, but suffice it to say, I’m skittish around men. Not you. Not ever. You feel safe. And that’s the highest compliment I can give.

@Bill_Phillips, Bill, my brother in arms in the kitchen. Thanks to you I now know to put jalapenos in my bbq sauce. My husband had received no greater gift. Lol. You’re wise and kind, never judgmental.

@MandiH, Mandi, you always give me hope and smiles. Your dedication is a daily inspiration and your voice is awesome!

I’m leaving lots of people out. Obviously @Robin, I think I owe you my life. This forum has helped me more than any other single recovery program. :heart:


I can’t even do shout outs because I feel I would leave someone out and that would hurt my heart.

So here’s my shout out to everyone I’ve talked to on here. Everyone who’s helped me get to where I am, everyone who has listened to me complain, had advice for me when I needed it, sent a text early morning or late at night, middle of the day or anytime just to check on me. Anyone who has had my back who has been there for me, cheered me on, hearted my stuff or followed my posts. The ones who read my posts. The ones who comment and follow my story just so they can truly get to know me. And most of all I want to give a shout out to those who have grown to love me for who I am. The bitchy loving alcoholic who is just trying to go day to day without drinking :purple_heart:
I love you guys


@MoCatt you are such a companion to me on here and big part of my sobriety, I appreciate you everyday :heart:

Thanks to everyone on talking sober, everyone adds so much in their own way.


Thanks! I swear I have no idea how I helped anyone to be that way, but I’ll take it anyway!

@Jessi.lynn I figured I’d create this thread to be not just a praise and adulation thread, but also a chance to give atta-boys and words of encouragement. It’s all about thinking of others and reaching out to them when you’re thinking of them. Not necessarily a long singular post for everyone. Come back frequently whenever someone comes to mind. That’s what I plan to do!

Also, I’m grateful for Jessi, because she shows such resiliency in the face of adversity. And speaking of that, I think of @C-sun. Such a strong woman who doesnt allow the world to beat her down, even though it’s like it is trying to burn her home to the ground.

You guys lift me up! cue Josh Groban music


That I might be able to do as I’m going about my day to thing. If I think about it :joy:


Thanks for the mention your doing great and it was nice to meet you in person hopefully we can again meet for a coffee, of to Spain this afternoon checked out the meetings and ill give them a visit if Sheilas ok with that lol


Thanks for the shout-out @Sober_Ninja! You also have been an inspiration to me. So right back at you.


Thanks for the shout-out @NewPerspective! You also have been an inspiration to me. So right back at you.


Oh how lovely to be missed and remembered …thank you :slight_smile: glad you’re doing so well x


A big :kiss: for you!