Shout Outs


@CaptAZ @Bill_Phillips @Twowaymirror @Hope0110 @rmgrimmer @Jante76 @Neighbrofthebeast668 @Donnie_Spiering @anon59060877 have been awesome @NewPerspective too


And the original mods @Robin @Steve92


Yay! I got a shout out! Us steel city folk just bond super fast. It’s that blue collar mentality.

The first people I noticed when I was a rookie poster were @C-sun and @Just4Today. It was the prof pics. But everything they said stuck out to me as well. @Donut89 caught my eye soon after. That’s because all three of these lovely ladies share an attitude with me, in different ways. @Yoda-Stevie and @Steve92 were so secure in their recovery process and I was in awe. Especially since I had a lot more time than Yoda and I was (and still am in a lot of ways) a lost, wounded puppy.


There are so many more who have become a part of my daily life, @Twowaymirror, @Englishd, @anon37742172, @MandiH, @rmgrimmer (who is also a fellow book nerd, along with @Ninetales), @CaptAZ, @Thirdmonkey (miss you bro), @DowntroddenGoat and @NewPerspective.


And a big shout out to @Clay91. Even if you never come back to this crazy city you will always be from Pittsburgh.

Sorry for the many others I missed. Love you all!


Hey, there’s a heart on my picture! Thanks @Robin for dealing with all the crap we are putting you through. You are an amazing man who is doing an amazing thing for a bunch of rowdy addicts!


Thanks so much for the support and kind words @Modestakieran!


Man, how could I forget @Bill_Phillips? Haha, he has the same name as a local news anchor and I noticed it right away. It was because of him that I bought the SMART handbook and learned about other post IOP programs. And he has shown so much wisdom, patience, and strength since I’ve joined.


OMG I never put that together! Lol


Haha, the only reason I did was because we watched the 5 o’clock news on channel 4 at the bar for years. I’m a channel 11 girl, and only in the morning now.


Peggy Finnegan and David Johnson were my shit!


I never watch the evening news, but David Johnson comes into the dinner sometimes. He’s TAAALLLL! They are changing a ton of the anchors right now and it’s messing with my OCD.


On a sadder note Joe denardo just died


Having been on here for so long, I can’t even imagine how many of you I could tag. To the old school crew who were so instrumental in my commitment to be sober, and to the ones that are still here and active; I love you all. In truth, some of you are the best friends I have ever had. This forum has provided me so much hope and has built my trust in others when at a time, I didn’t even care to be near people. My path has not been perfect, but there were so many who checked in on me, texted me and were there when I needed support. I am not even sure if I would be alive if it wasn’t for this forum. Thank you all for being there, and those of you who I chat with on here on a regular basis, please know that you all hold a special place in my heart.


Mainers rule!


No argument here :slight_smile:


@anon53189373 is the man. Just FYI


Ugh I knew I would forget someone so @anon37742172 gets her own post


@Ray_M_C_Laren and @DrunkNoMore have good stuff to say when they post


You two are going to give me a big head!! :kissing_heart: