Shout Outs


Yeah like I forgot you, @C-sun and @MandiH who are here on my journey now. So many come and go, it’s so hard to remember everyone. In @Twowaymirror style I will just say you’re all awesome and I love you.


I still really miss @MrsJones she is amazing.


Shout out to my Higher Power, He’s by far been my biggest supporter and closest confidant.


@C-sun holds a special place in my circle of sober friends. She’s the first with whom I connected one-on-one. Plus, she’s a fellow Virginian transplant, like me.


Lol, I had refrained from telling people that incase it would bother you for some reason.

To date, you are the only one from the forum that I have also met.

Shout out to @Yoda-Stevie! I met him and lived to tell about it! He didn’t even box my ears or give me the creepy look. And he saw my pudgy pregnant toes in flip flops before I knew about his aversion to toes and he said nothing. Not even a face.

Funny side note, he is the only witness to my first parking ticket which was a laughable $15 in comparison to speeding tickets and DUI related infractions.


That is a high compliment, and I am honored.


So I know I am going to forget some people and I’m sorry, but when I first joined @DowntroddenGoat @C-sun @Modestakieran and @Rosey were awesome. Since then @Yoda-Stevie @MoCatt @MandiH @Gabe.G @Outofash @Betterbee


@Caustic @Bill_Phillips @Twowaymirror @Hope0110 @rmgrimmer @Jante76 @Neighbrofthebeast668 @Donnie_Spiering @daffodil have been awesome @NewPerspective too


And the original mods @Robin @Steve92


Yay! I got a shout out! Us steel city folk just bond super fast. It’s that blue collar mentality.

The first people I noticed when I was a rookie poster were @C-sun and @Just4Today. It was the prof pics. But everything they said stuck out to me as well. @Donut89 caught my eye soon after. That’s because all three of these lovely ladies share an attitude with me, in different ways. @Yoda-Stevie and @Steve92 were so secure in their recovery process and I was in awe. Especially since I had a lot more time than Yoda and I was (and still am in a lot of ways) a lost, wounded puppy.


There are so many more who have become a part of my daily life, @Twowaymirror, @Englishd, @Jessi.lynn, @MandiH, @rmgrimmer (who is also a fellow book nerd, along with @Ninetales), @Caustic, @ScottMichigan (miss you bro), @DowntroddenGoat and @NewPerspective.


And a big shout out to @Clay91. Even if you never come back to this crazy city you will always be from Pittsburgh.

Sorry for the many others I missed. Love you all!


Hey, there’s a heart on my picture! Thanks @Robin for dealing with all the crap we are putting you through. You are an amazing man who is doing an amazing thing for a bunch of rowdy addicts!


Thanks so much for the support and kind words @Modestakieran!


Man, how could I forget @Bill_Phillips? Haha, he has the same name as a local news anchor and I noticed it right away. It was because of him that I bought the SMART handbook and learned about other post IOP programs. And he has shown so much wisdom, patience, and strength since I’ve joined.


OMG I never put that together! Lol


Haha, the only reason I did was because we watched the 5 o’clock news on channel 4 at the bar for years. I’m a channel 11 girl, and only in the morning now.


Peggy Finnegan and David Johnson were my shit!


I never watch the evening news, but David Johnson comes into the dinner sometimes. He’s TAAALLLL! They are changing a ton of the anchors right now and it’s messing with my OCD.


On a sadder note Joe denardo just died