Shout Outs


Having been on here for so long, I can’t even imagine how many of you I could tag. To the old school crew who were so instrumental in my commitment to be sober, and to the ones that are still here and active; I love you all. In truth, some of you are the best friends I have ever had. This forum has provided me so much hope and has built my trust in others when at a time, I didn’t even care to be near people. My path has not been perfect, but there were so many who checked in on me, texted me and were there when I needed support. I am not even sure if I would be alive if it wasn’t for this forum. Thank you all for being there, and those of you who I chat with on here on a regular basis, please know that you all hold a special place in my heart.


Mainers rule!


No argument here :slight_smile:


@MewilHoward is the man. Just FYI


Ugh I knew I would forget someone so @Jessi.lynn gets her own post


@Ray_M_C_Laren and @DrunkNoMore have good stuff to say when they post


You two are going to give me a big head!! :kissing_heart:


Shout out to @Kakimime1. You show amazing resiliance in the face of adversity. It seems to me like you’ve been doing better lately. Even if you’re not, it seems like you’re undergoing a paradigm shift. Seems like you have a better attitude. You will beat this, because you’re amazing!


Thanks!:blush: I’ve been doing significantly better and you’re right that my attitude is shifting. Thanks for noticing!:blush:


So many people here have and continue to inspire, strengthen, and give me hope. I know I’m going to forget some, but I’ll do my best. Thank you ALL!:purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart: @Spartan_Chris, @Swam, @C-sun, @Yoda-Stevie, @Steve92 , @Umpf, @Bill_Phillips, @Gabe.G, @Benedictine, @Niiina
(So sorry if I forgot you. Still trying to regain some brain cells)


Yaay, you’re back. How are things, hope you and your family are good x


Thanks heaps Rosey!! I am so grateful for this app. Its helped me get through! Keep strong love!


As soon as I saw this that mad, massive storm blew up right overhead. A proper send off I would say!


@Rosey thank you so much for shouting out :kissing_heart:
@Timetochange you’ve been the first (or one of the first ones) who took care of me as a Noob, thank you so much for caring :blush: This helped me so much in early sobriety!
@Swam : reading your thread helped me to believe in myself, my worth and my strength! You’re an inspiration for me
@Robin thank you for making all this possible for so many people!


Thank u for this. I’m hurting. I keep f-ing this thing up. I feel like I cannot stop drinking when I want to and I’m ruining my life. I’ll be back on the forum - this is the beginning of day one for me again.


This is Day 1.

This forum is where you need to be, this day, and every day.

This is the group of people you want surrounding you. People who have and are fighting the same fight, chewing the same dirt, walking the same path, that you know you need to walk, to find the life you are seeking.

This is Day 1. Get up, and get after it. Get better at getting better, this day, and every day.


Exactly what Stevie said! Come back to us friend!


The day after a big holiday is day one for a lot of people so you are not alone.
My day one happened to be memorial day last year. I’m sure you will find others with today being their day one too.
Keep coming back. When you are feeling the urge to drink come here either read or post about the urge and someone can talk to you instead :slight_smile:


Mark it on your calendar. I found that the milestones on the counter were to far apart. I didnt think I’d be able to go from 1 month to 6 months. Instead I created lots of milestones. You can make your own as long as you have a number of days and a date in mind. I put things like “sober” holidays, “sober” birthdays, month markers, etc. Break it all up into bite sized chunks. Then when you’re tempted look at your counter and say, “I’ve only got to make it two more days until [insert milestone]”.

This helped me considerably.


You can do it man!!