Shout Outs


We love you @rmgrimmer so glad you found this forum!


@Jessi.lynn & @rmgrimmer thanks guys, I try to at least be slightly better than my evil twin… what was his name? Neighbor of the “Yeast” right @CaptAZ? Haha. Seriously tho, I’m grateful for u guys as well, jessi, from the time we ended up talking about passing out on the front porch I kinda knew we were on the same level with the drinking, it was nice to hear I wasnt the only idiot who ever pulled that stunt, and as far as listening to ur problems sometimes those convos help me too, I kinda came to a few realizations about some of the screwed up things I did in the past while looking for answers to some of that stuff :slightly_smiling_face:
Rob, just so u know it you’ve helped a couple of us more than you realize too man, I never really had a firm understanding of ur addiction until u got on here, and in conversations with u and @Thirdmonkey I have a better understanding and know what to look out for to avoid falling prey to that addiction as well because I could see how that one could easily have become a problem with me. I read somewhere that the addicts brain has essentially been rewired to compulsively want something to fill the void and that’s very true in my case, it’s mostly been drugs but its shifted from one to the next over the years and I was fond of jumping on my high horse to proclaim how I’d beaten cocaine, then meth, and so on all the while I had shifted to the next one. The one thing that has always been consistent was the drinking so when I finally dropped it and the opiates a few months ago it left a rather huge void that I thought needed filling and I think your knowledge and insight might have prevented that from being my “next addiction” so thanks man!

Since I’m here I’ll go ahead and throw out a few myself… @C-sun thank you for that weekend word game, that was right when I got on and it hooked me and helped me make a few friends on here right out of the gate.
@Yoda-Stevie thank you for every damn thing u post on here man, hell I gain knowledge and wisdom from posts u make directed to other people lol, this place would not be the same without you. Thank you for ur service to this country too, I read that thing u posted about how becoming an officer costed u ur family the other day, I dont think your ex realized just what she gave up in that deal…ur kids are very lucky to have u man, in fact we should all be so lucky to have a dad like u! I know ur a red Sox fan but we can look past that, no ones perfect right? :grin:

@Bill_Phillips music has played a big part in my recovery this time around so thank you for the conversations and the alt rock thread man! That’s one of the few I have set to watch so I get notifications and I get excited when I see you posting something new in there.

@DowntroddenGoat u r the Mutha Effin man! Lol, somebody has to keep Derek in line and u handle that job admirably while simultaneously offering sage yoda level advice I’ve needed to hear on more than one occasion. Plus that flying lawnmower really has changed my life, it’s my go to when someone texts me bitching or crying about something now lmao.

@CaptAZ and @Englishd this forum would not be what it is without you guys either, it a pretty consistent that when a new thread pops up where someone needs some advice or has a question one of u 2 guys are the first ones to respond and your answers are always on point and inspired! D I waited til last to mention you so I could screw with ur ego lol. I’ve always been the kind of person to approach any situation with humor, especially bad shit, it’s just how I learned to deal with it and I enjoy cutting up with u and seein the dumb shit u post sometimes… so uh… Sup? What YOU doin later? Lmao :laughing:

I had avoided posting in here cuz I knew I’d forget some people and make no mistake, I have! …well, not forgotten, it’s just that this has gotten rather rambly and I know yall ain’t reading this shit anyways, and if by some chance u are ur prob wishing I’d shut the fuck up already lol, so for those of u I didnt get to, thank you all for bein my sober family and understanding me when the outside world doesn’t, I got nothin but love for all of u!


Thanks for making me cry jerk.
You are right tho. That conversation was my first week on here and I knew we would be friends because we had to be on the same level of crazy to have the same story. Lol


@rmgrimmer you have helped so many of us even tho your addiction is so different then most.
You are the reason I opened up about my second addiction on here because if you can be you can be so open about it on here then so can I.
Today I am thankful for that. It has helped not only me understand myself more but it has helped my relationship. :green_heart:


Hey! I read every single word!


Same here.


I love every single word. This thread makes me so, so happy.

Here’s one for you, @Neighbrofthebeast668. Thank you for showing me, early on, that sobriety ain’t dull. You can take the boy out of the south…


I love it! I can listen to these guys or Darius sing it with equal fervor and belt it right along with em lol thanks for keeping me in touch with my roots, it’s nice to have a fellow tarheel to shoot the shit with, outside of aa I think you might be the only sober one I know! Lol. Also @Hope0110 thanks for cutting up with us too, I worry about them poor kids but I wish all my teachers had been as cool as u. Now RUUUUUN my retarded friend, RUUUUUN! :laughing:


@Englishd not doing good. Not good at all.


After our last talk i thought your head was in a good strong place… we are here for you! Dont feel hesitant to reach out…even if its thru private message… hang in there gurl!


PM today or call me


Hey girl, I know we’ve never been super close but I’m totally here for you if you want someone else to talk to. I sometimes find it’s nice to talk it out with someone who has a different DOC.


@SmokeyMirror read your story on your thread, and I just wanted to say that it takes a strong person to pull themselves out of addictive routine. I hope you’re able to continue to work through the underlying issues.

For anyone that hadn’t read his thread, I absolutely recommend reading his story. It reveals a lot about the addict’s personality and struggle to come out of the shadows. Hope I’m not overstepping my bounds in recommending it, but since you said so and posted it on the open forum, I figured I’d share to help others with your advice.


Thanks @rmgrimmer ! I’ve been meaning to do some shout outs here but like a lot of people I don’t want to leave anyone out. So for right now I will just thank you for your welcome to the forum when I first started posting and encouraging me to branch out from the SA/ porn threads.
I really don’t mind you sharing my story. I hope you’re well tonight and congrats on 100 days!


Haha! Well. Yeah.

I’d just start with one person at a time, so you can make it heart felt, instead of an acceptance speech.


Good call on that one! Haha!


@Insperation Shout out to Jen, who’s fairly new here, but has been contributing a lot. We’re lucky to have you, your bright attitude and positive energy!


Awe, thank you! It’s nice to have such a supportive community right in your pocket whenever you need it :sunny: glad to hear my sunny disposition is valued.



I want to throw a shout out to @beyondmythoughts. She’s been here two days and is just going after it in the getting involved arena. Keep it up!