Shout Outs


Just a shout out to anyone who feels like they don’t belong here. I want you to know that your presence is important. We are all broken. We are all flawed. Addiction has made us filled with pride and we need more humility. Let’s all, no one excluded, try to be patient, understanding, long-suffering, and kind to each other.


HA! Somehow I missed this…
Hey @Englishd sings in best nickelback voice
Look at this photograaaaph
Every time I do it makes meh laaaaaaugh!


Never forget.


So, so true.


Shout out to my sober big brother (albeit younger than I) Derek @Englishd. I was in self-destruct mode, and he helped pull me out. My head is starting to clear. Thank God I didn’t drink. Or well, thanks Derek. And DO NOT get a bigger head from this! :joy:


Thank God was proper young lady. He did the heavy lifting. I’m glad you are better now


Just a bunch of puzzle pieces being put together to form a solid picture of sobriety.

Sobriety is a team sport, let’s all share the ball more.


Shout out to @MoCatt! You are always so supportive, wise and truly helpful here. You’re very real and truly inspiring!


Sweet Mandi - you are so kind to say so. I could easily say the same of you. I’m just really thankful to be a part of this community. You all help me on a daily basis.:heart:


I want to shot out to @Neighbrofthebeast668 he is always around when I need to vent.
He listens to my texts and responds without judgement tells me honestly what to do or if he has nothing to say he will just let me continue to get things off my chest. If he thinks something is a bad idea he isn’t afraid of letting me know.


@Rayn @Betterbee please check in


Shout out to @Englishd @Jessi.lynn @C-sun @MoCatt @MandiH @Neighbrofthebeast668 @Twowaymirror @Bill_Phillips @Hope0110 @CaptAZ

You guys have been the ones who have been the most active in my recovery. I can’t express my gratitude to you guys, even if it wasn’t much of a sacrifice for you. It’s made a world of a difference to me.


You are a rock star, my sober sib! Proud to know you and proud of your efforts at recovery.


Lol, me? I just run my mouth.


You’re the one that’s done all the work, we just sit beside each other and work on getting better together! You’ve done great and I love how much you help others in the same addiction as well as different ones. I mostly love that we can still help each other on the different addictions too, you’re one of the people who has opened my eyes a lot while I’ve been here so I’m thankful for you also! :hugs:


I see you showing off your beautiful family… C’mon man you make the rest of us look bad lol


Better than having your mouth run you!

I have been guilty of having my mouth run me for many years.

Thanks @rmgrimmer. You’ve come to this forum and given us a great perspective that many of us may not have considered before. And your story book beautiful family is a delight to see.


Hahaha! I’m good at illusions then. Most of my days with my family is trying to make sure my boys aren’t joking about vaginas and penises. Tons of pictures from this week to come on my journal thread. We went camping for a family reunion.

I try to help where needed, but you guys have been the support I honestly needed! I run my mouth too. Running mouths are what I thrive on!


Boys will be boys. Lol.


Thank you bro.
I feel the same way about you