Sleep is so illusive

I am 18 days into my clean out from opiates (painkillers) and sleep is a luxury that is not coming. I have tried chamomile tea, melatonin and straight up exhaustion. Does a anybody have any tips? Thanks brothers and sisters! :v::heartpulse::crazy_face:


Congrats on your 18 days!! Sleep can be problematic, I know and that sucks. I would keep working on exhaustion via physical activity…work your body and hopefully, as it continues to heal, it will begin to relax and give you some restore time.

I have found that guided sleep meditations are helpful for me as well. YouTube has lots of them. I am particularly fond of Lauren Fenton Ostrowski (I think I got her name right).

I also use an eye mask, black out curtains and ear plugs…might help!


I feel like whenever I talk about this my sleep messes up so first: SO grateful for the good sleep I’ve been getting (knock on wood😁)

500mg of Valerian Root really helped me. Chamomile or melatonin alone never did it but a strong dose of valerian did. I’ve also found a combination of melatonin, magnesium, skullcap, and valerian to work well but I’m not sure if that combination is recommended :wink:
Right now I take nothing and get a solid 7 hours :crossed_fingers:


I have tried all of those in various combos over the years. I think it is trial and error for all of us to find what supplements work for us. Valerian tea I loved, but after awhile, too many dreams and my mind was so busy. Melatonin at a very low dose was good for awhile as well.

Trial and error. Sleep is so precious.


As you were on opiates I don’t think these herbal medicines will touch the sides tbh not for a good whole anyhow I’m afraid to say when it comes to opiates you just have to play the long game and wsitbut out,I see some ppl go to doctors and get sleeping pills and yes that’s fine to get some sleep but when you stop taken them your sleep patterns will be the same all I can advise us ,good exercise throughout the day walking us ok you don’t need to be doing anything stressfull abhot bath before bed I took a flu remidie as that’s the symptoms or some off the symptoms keep the mind busy I know this Is all mega hardwork when you don’t sleep but try I took me months for my sleep to straighten out and there is no easy fix especially when coming off opiates I’m a 20 year heroin and benzos user so I promise you I’m well equipped to advise if anything I’d try valerian root but stay away from the sleeping pills if you can.goid luck mate be kind to yourself and be patient


I have no advice for this, in my experience opiate withdrawal makes sleep hard for the first month. But after that things start to regulate. I know that sucks and I’m sorry.


Since you tried melatonin i dont have any suggestion but good exhausting exercise- what is helping me atm is circadine (but that is some melatonin just released small dosis throughout the night to keep me in my sleep. Hope you find something that will work for you :muscle:

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My sleep was all over the place the first month. I would sleep an hour or 2 here and there. Absolutely nothing helped and I just had to ride it out. All I can say, is that, it does get better in time.


With opiate users it’s a long hard road but line Lisa said it does get easier.xx

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I learned to take what sleep I could when I could get it…if I could get 30 minutes at 10 am I would take it…45 minutes at 3 pm I would take it…

I was on benzos plus opiates and it took me almost a year to obtain a good sleep, it didnt mater what I did or what I tried

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This is :100: accurate you just have to roll with it sorry but there’s no quick fix to insomnia when coming off opiates

I watch her on YouTube her voice is so soothing try Jason Stephenson he’s amazing

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He’s one of my favorites!!

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I also listen to( relax for awhile)her name is Joanne she’s amazing she does asmr but I’m not too into that but she also does story’s her voice is soooooo relaxing also Micheal sealey is another good one I could go on and on lol but there my favourites try realx for awhile her story’s have so much meaning

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I like Michael Sealey sometimes too. Sometimes I cannot hear the asmr people enough to relax…getting deaf…eek!

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Do you use headphone also she does story’s and they aren’t asmr

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I do use headphones.

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You might wanna go get ya ears checked out :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::heart::pray::v:

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The things that I did to help with sleep…

  1. I removed all sources of light in my room.

That included my alarm clock. The constant glow of the time was too much and when I DID wake up I spent too much time checking the time to see how long it had been that I was awake. My watch has an alarm on it so I use that to wake up in the morning.

  1. I got a weighted blanket.

They cost a lot of money so I totally understand if that is not an option for you.

  1. Guided sleep meditations

Apps like Calm have specific “bed time stories” for adults. They are written with repetitions and descriptions that help lull the listener to sleep. The stories are rediculously silly but that is not the point of them. Give it a try.

  1. Magnesium.

Melatonin can help a person fall asleep but magnesium is what is need to help you remain asleep and get a more restful sleep. I don’t use it every night but every night that I do I get much better sleep.

  1. Read a book

I go up to bed about 30-45 minutes before I plan to sleep to take some time to read. It gets you away from the lights and the sounds of your tv or the blue light of your phone.

I hope you can try any or some of these. I hope they help.

Congrats on 18 days. That’s awesome!!

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I’m ex alcohol, not opiates or anything, so I don’t know how it affects things chemicalmy, but for me in the first few days, a Benadryl in the evening put me down like a brick. I think they’re pretty side effect free.