So I'm an alcoholic in a country with no AA

I recently admitted to myself that I am an alcoholic. I always used the excuse that I don’t drink every day so I’m okay. But I think about drinking, can’t stop once I get started drinking and I use alcohol to cope. I’ve tried to stop on my own but don’t get far. I’ll do okay for a few days or weeks but can’t get past a month or so. I live in Central Asia and there is no AA groups in my country…nothing similar to help support people who are wanting to get and stay sober. I hope this online community can help me feel not so alone in this. I want to be healthy.


Welcome @Laner glad you found us. This forum is full of supportive people from around the world.

Theres always online meetings aa, dharma recovery, smart recovery. There are options and you are not alone


Welcome Elena
Admitting we are powerless over Alcohol is a great first step.
This is a great sober community to get and give support. We can definitely help you feel so not alone.

Being active on here daily has kept me sober.
Have a good read around. Join in when you’re comfortable. If you have any questions someone is always around.
Here are two good threads to start:

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Welcome, @Laner ! You are definitely not alone. This place has helped me tremendously. Have a good read around and see what you find helpful. Best wishes, and visit often!:pray:


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