Sober selfies


There’s so much snow here too!!! :neutral_face:


Wow!!! That looks amazing :heart_eyes:


Heading outdoors to enjoy some fresh air. Feeling fresh too :slight_smile: Second weekend sober and going well.


To me it does not count how many days we are sober.
Everyday is a gift and everyday is a full day.
So if you are sober today and that’s all accounts to me.

I don’t like counting days even though I do count.
I live everyday for the day and not for the past and ask for the future.
I am still sober today, and hope you are too.
One day at a time

  1. About to go to brunch with some friends. Happy sober sunday, guys!


Lol… I have a new cat that likes to sleep on me!

Always had a cat in the home. But this is the first one that actually sleeps on me!


28 days and out in the wilderness today! Just an 8 mile hike this time. God I love the high I get out there!!


I grew up in Eugene bruh.


19 days sober…and feeling good. Only thing is having a hard time is going to sleep,I lay in bed knowing I need to sleep but just can’t.


Read the tax code. That’d put anyone to sleep…well, except a CPA maybe.




Where I was born. But grew up on the beach.


Day 18… enjoying a Kombucha tea at a party!! This shit is amazing, might be my new go to!!


Day 89 and feeling fantastic! Just got home from Mexico early this morning!


I always thought they’re was a small amount of alcohol in Kombucha. Make sure to read the labels.


It would be less than 0.5%, if anything at all… no more that eating some over ripe fruit. This particular one is popular at the grocery store… not super worried.


Ohmygoodness. I’m right there with you. And also i know tmi. But the constipation. But other then that i feel 100% better then i ever did while i was active in my addiction.


1 yr 6mnths


Have you tried POM pomegranate juice and club soda, 50/50 or Tart Cherry juice, same mix? That’s my go to. Love the stuff. I used to have a glass of wine as soon as the workday ended. Now I do one of these. I find myself looking forward to the ritual. It signals the end of my work day and the start of my evening. And to think I wasted all those years doing it with wine, when some POM or Cherry juice would have done the same thing, with a lot less heartache.


Yeah…dealt with being “bound up” myself when I got sober. Yogurt and Kimchee. I prefer Skyr but any yogurt with active cultures will do, and Kimchee is a superfood. Get the gut healthy again, and your issues will disappear.