Sober selfies


Nope. Even us tax people think it would be more amusing to watch paint dry than read tax code. Except tax case transcripts. I do like reading those. The fun part of taxes (for me) is meeting people to apply code to and helping them with confusion and anxiety. I love watching agitated people walk away peaceful.

I have a sort of selfie I took a few days ago. It has been unusually warm where I am the last few days. Here is a picture of my kids. A friend has given me some fake glasses that my daughter is all sweaty and loving in a pic with her sibling fetus. If I stay sober, this new baby will have never seen me intoxicated like my other kids have. Such a gift.

362 days


hello , nice selfie. i m new here


Good morning from Brooklyn New York
Every day is a new struggle.

328 days
One day at a time
Not easy, but it’s worth it


Your new baby well know you dober. Nice, good for u


Welcome! I hope you find this app as helpful as I did.


@Yoda-Stevie at your advice I’m trying the POM Club mix. I bought the Blueberry POM to try which on its own is delish :blush:


I will have to try the blueberry. Thanks for the tip.


Blueberry is good! Def have to cut it with club soda or something tho.


5:55 am on day 344:)


Nice one @Gabe.G


Haha! Yup, that’s pretty much what I look like when I get up every morning I work!


You are going strong.
Keep on going and you will be and inspiration for me and others.
I’m sober just about a few days less than you, I keep on telling myself that if you could do it why can’t I


Dude. You look like my dad. Scary how much so. The fact that I am older than you, and he died in 1985 eliminates the obvious.


As always, looking good @anon69871201. Stay sober.


day 23 today and first time doing my hair and make up since my life went down the drain


23 days looks good. Keep getting after it!


Thank you! This is the HARDEST thing I’ve ever done. I miss my kids so much


Looking good! Don’t think of it going down the drain.

Think of it of scraping everything down to the ground to allow you to build a solid foundation brick by brick to move forward in a sober life. If you can establish this solid foundation and build upon it – hopefully you can have a life where your kids never have a memory of their mother in an altered state from drugs or alcohol. The magnitude of that gift dwarfs this temporal sacrifice and work now, doesn’t it?


Keep reminding yourself that you are doing this so you can be the best Mom forever. You can do this. Each and every day is another day of rebuilding you, rebuilding your life. They will never stop loving you, and will one day fully appreciate what you are doing.

Perspective matters. Victory here will give you perspective on so many other things in your life. One of the hardest enemies to defeat is our own self-destructive selves.

I remind myself that the hardest thing I ever did, was go to war. A real one. No matter how hard work gets, or life gets, I remind myself that as far as I know, no one wants to kill me, and everyone in my house loves me. Not a bad place to be.


Thank you just hard being without them as it’s the first time and for 60 days. I had intake yesterday for IOP and I start Monday 9-12 for 4 days a week 6 weeks.