Sober selfies


Ive just never been without my kids or husband so these 56 days are going to be so so hard


Then make the sacrifice count! Make this the last time sobriety is an issue in your life, so it never again impacts theirs. I am sure they want you home too, but they would rather have you home healthy and well, than to continue the life-trajectory that you are on.


Lmao, you look like you have had better mornings.


Ha. Well thanks!! I’ve been working WAY to much! I had a day off a few Saturday’s ago. That was good😐


Way to go, twin! I love seeing that you are still here!


Day 439



SLAYER hell yeah!



I love kombucha, too. It’s fizzy and tastes like a cider


You look so damn familiar to me! I’m sure I’ve never met you but I can’t shake it.


Haha you from Chicago or southwest indiana area?


Hang in there mama, you’re doing great.


Nope. Grew up near San Francisco the moved to Pittsburgh, PA when I was 18.


It’s soooo good!!


Haha I visited sf once! Never been to pittsburgh


I like Pittsburgh way better than I liked the Bay Area. Don’t know if it’s a case if grass is always greener. I consider Pittsburgh my home town. 412 BITCHES!


I loved visiting the bay area but no way I would ever wanna actually live there lol




Bay area is nice except it’s SO F@#!*G EXPENSIVE to live here, I feel like a fool for not living somewhere more reasonable. :flushed: lol