Sober selfies


Thank you. It’s so hard. Husband just FaceTime and my 11 month old tried to grab me and cried.


That was a big part of my decision to move when I was 18. I lived in Livermore and growing up in a government city was really strange as well. That was another huge part of leaving. Overall my family was the biggest part. I’m so greatful that I found somewhere to go! I’m also so greatful that I escaped without falling into crank!


I’m in the east bay as well. Kids are happy in schools so we will stick it out for a while, but when they finish high school we’re moving somewhere cheaper!! I do love all the open space and places to hike and camp though. :blush:


I really hope your IOP is amazing! It was the most important part of my recovery after detox and I will always be glad I have that experience to look back on. If you want you can message me with whatever you need to talk about through this process.


You’re building a better future for your family by getting yourself on a solid foundation. It’s a short term sacrifice for long term happiness and well-being. From one mom to another I know it must be so tough. Hugs.


Yeah, I will always be greatful for the education I got there. One of the perks of being surrounded by a huge MENSA population!


It’s really tough as this is the longest without my family


Thank you. I actually just started eating yogurt. It is already helping. Lol. I’m not a fan of cabbage. But who knows i might like it. I’ll have to make a trip soon. Thanks again.


DayDay 90


9 days


That’s awesome man! Welcome aboard. You kind of got the Zach Galifianakis profile look going…lol :slight_smile:


Totally agree! To all of it!


Hell yeah Mo! March is our month buddy! You inspire us all pal:)


Day 72
With my sweethearts <3


Day 97. A friend of mine gave me a One Day at a Time coin. He carries a handful in his pocket all the time.


Wow!! That is pretty cool… :heart: :heart: Have a sober day ! Congrats for 97 , way 2 go :muscle: :slight_smile:


She’s excited for the w.e not so excited for school lol


Day 24 feeling good. Sleeping with ease. Goodnight all!


Fresh haircut. I think I’m lazier now about shaving than I was when I was drinking everyday… maybe i will tomorrow if i dont hit snooze too many times.


me and some friends at Enchanted Rock