Sober selfies


Congrats on your poop! :+1:


Y’all, whale selfie but I don’t feel bad about myself. The chiwawa is bigger than my fetus, but you wouldn’t know it to look at me.


Thank you!




Heres to my 21th day sober, almost a month yasss :grin:


Not much but its something…


4 days is better than no days. I always struggled to make it one day once the hangover faded away.


4 days made me pleased. If figured if I was going to die that it would have happened by then. I still had some more sick days to go. I would have rather died than make a selfie then. Glad you are feeling well enough.


4 days is great! I used to struggle to get past 2 or 3. One day at a time.


Wow @Gabe.G wat a difference! Looking happy and in the moment :+1:


Bicycle day with my friend Juan … he is the one who has a beard … a fantastic day!
(Photos at the end of the video)


Wow!! What a beautiful place to ride.


Thank you.
I honestly dont know how to explain it.
I woke up Monday morning and knew I was done with my doc.


Day 34 today. Snow on the way. Finally having a day to relax, worked all last week and went to IOP. So I was busy from 8am until 10pm and not going to bed until 2am so it feels nice to have a break.
I went grocery shopping to meal prep and worked out for 1.5 hrs. One day closer to going home to my kids and husband. I got thru yesterday without issues, usually I would relapse as it’s the day my mom passed. But I was to busy to remember. Next Friday will be HARDEST as it’s my son’s first birthday and I won’t be there.


Stay strong , you know what you are fighting for !!!


Thank you. How are you doing?!?!?!


You def got this!! Keep up the good work


Hey you look way happier in your after pics! And your wife is beautiful! Be happy!!!:slight_smile:


Thank you.


You look beautiful! Love your dress!