Sober selfies


Thank you. I get so many compliments on that dress. The bust has never fit right. I got it on my weight loss journey in 2011 from Target. First I was glad to fit into it. Then it was too big. Then I was tired of the cleavage. It has been in and out of the thrift store pile as I try and decide to keep it as is, make it a skirt, make it curtains or pillow cases… or maybe now a cute toddler dress. I don’t know. The fabric is so pretty. I just wish the bust fit better and didn’t need a shirt for it to function.


50 days sober from oxycodone :smile:


Video games all night


You are powerful! You will make it through and I’m sure you’ll find a way to make it up to your son :blush: :revolving_hearts:


Thank you, just going IOP goes quick


Is that a mint julip mask


gym selfie during a snowstormUploading…


It’s a clay mask :blush:


Nice i def need a facial


One day at a time

sober for 11 months
I like selfies in the car. Whatever
(341 days)


12 days and feeling better each day. Marriage is in the toilet and the hand is on the plunger, but at least I am sober.


Hanging with my main squeeze, Max, today :blush:


Nice. Very cute pet.


You are amazingly strong. It is just funny how you are talking about how hard it will be next week Friday.
It reminds me of how I think all the time. I always worry about what will happen down the road. I always prepare for the worst and hope for the best. But when I prepare for the worst then I can hope for the best.
I am working hard on stopping to think what will happen tomorrow before tomorrow comes.
It’s hard not to think of the future, but when I do think about how hard it will be in the future, the harder it is today to stay sober and to focus


Dude! I love bearded dragons!


278 days. 9 months. :blue_heart:



Nice use of the traffic sign lol


Where did you come across this sign?


Dayumm! 9 months is a huge accomplishment! I’m right behind u at 249 days. U look amazing!