Sober selfies


That’s a wonderful thing. So happy you could be there. I am sure it means the world to him to know you are proud. These are the times that make it all worth while.


The best part is I went up to him to shake his hand and he gave me a big hug! He doesn’t know what I’m going through but that meant the world to me. I cried in my truck before leaving.


Legacy virtues bro…all about the legacy virtues.


He reminds me of my theater days when I had long hair and played spicoli in fast times!


My son loved that film. We watched it a 1000 times :notes::notes:. Having a teacher like that in school! He was and still is a music maniac :grinning:. He studies bass at his highschool (conservatorium)


Lol I nerd out all the time. Do you play any FPS’s?




Heeeey! Youre back!


That’s an awesome pic haha


I’ve had that oxy buzz too. Looking good mate :slight_smile:


Beautiful photo!


Looking very fresh. A nice glow! Keep it up!


I believe in the sun even if it is not shining :pray:
Day 17


Love the shirt. Classic.


Lovin the shirt


Thank you!


Thank you so much!


346 days sober

Another sober selfie in my car.
Rainy day today and New York and pretty cold
Driving upstate with my wife and my for kids for the weekend.
It feels so good to be sober and be present for my family with my family


Day 95 and feeling good!