Sober selfies


Day 6 1/2 !


I’m more of an adventure, story based gamer, super into Fallout, Horizon, Mass Effect.


Fallout is my shiiiieeetttttttt


Pregym selfie


Lol it’s fun but it’s not fun ! It’s deceiving haha, thank you ! :slight_smile:


Tried the iceskating today. Got a new hip a year ago so this was not a very wise decision but I loved it!


My newest daughter’s name is Zelda, i strongly disagree that Zelda sucks js love that shirt


Star Wars is amazeballs


Cute face + Pretty Smile :heart:


Absolutely, total Star Wars geek🖤


Wow…just…wow. So stunning :slight_smile:


I’m Nervous, I’m going to run half marathon, wish me luck! You may all have a nice day.

(Face of recently awakened)


Good luck !


Night everyone! #ThatSoberLife :yum::yum::yum:


Not ashamed of myself and my former behaviour anymore after three weeks being sober…my self-esteem is growing! Here I am! This is me. Happy Sunday you all :rose:


All that bad stuff is behind you, and the good stuff is in front of you. Good job gettin’ after it!


We will not regret the past or wish to shut the door on it.

We will see how our experience can benefit others.

The Promises!
From the AA big book


Agree…that’s it’s also impossible (for me at least) but I’m not ashamed anymore and that’s a great feeling. Thanks to my family, the people on this forum and Annie Grace :heart:!!


202 days clean!


I feel ya man i love Star Wars