Sober selfies


97 days, feeling darn good.


Your contentment shows!


I’m obsessed! I’ve played the 4th game three times through and am thinking of playing it again. The storyline is so good!


Which ending did you llike the most?? Mine was with thw MM.


All friends with a medal for finishing the half marathon … a happy day!

I’m sorry I do not know how to turn the picture …:thinking:


349 days clean

At work.
I have a pretty easy day at work today.
I wish everyday would be as easy as today.
I just can’t wait for nice weather again.
I love the sunshine at the worm beach


Haahahah, its alright , congrats !!! :slight_smile:


Wohoo congratulations :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


Hey, you’re not in your car! :wink:


Car Sober Selfies… new thread needed :rofl:


Haha! I stepped out of my car for better lighting.
And I feel that you guys are bored already of my stupid selfies in my car.
I need a haircut ASAP. I hope to have time to take one tonight.


9 days round 2


Finally hit day ten! Here’s to another 20 to make it to a month!


Nicely done! Congrats! :tada::tada:


Thanks! I was able to sleep normal yesterday to today too.



Day 350
March 21st will make it a year.
Me with my baby


Yes!!! so happy i honestly haven’t hit double digits i always cave


Thanks! What causes you to cave? Is it the idea of hitting double digits?


today is my 10th day :blush: i usually just tell myself its just a couple glasses of wine and think im just drinking moderately but i just dont want to drink at all so this s a great accomplishment for me seeing as i don’t think i have had a stretch of more than 5 days in several years. I just don’t want to depend on “something” daily to relax. Unless of course its a healthy habit.


Yay!!! Congrats! Have you tried meditation? Or setting a routine at night?