Sober selfies


Try a quick power nap. Folks here know I am a big proponent of the nap. Naps are hugs we give ourselves.

Start by picking a regular time each day or evening. Just sit/lie with your eyes closed for that 15-20 minutes each day, even if you can’t sleep. Soon, your body will come to expect this, and will relax, enabling you to actually sleep for 10-15 minutes.

I’m to the point where I am out in 2 minutes, and wake up in 10-12, relaxed, refreshed, and mentally alert.

Hug yourself. Take a Nap.


just got back into it. It really helps!


I have to try this. I can’t remember the last time I’ve taken an actual nap.


I know the not sleeping part was bout the hardest for me. It took a good month or more before I could sleep through the night. Here’s to sleeping!


I decided to grow a sober 'stache to change things up. Idk how I feel about it though. 27 days strong.


Staches are making a comeback


#soberstache hmm…maybe I’ll follow this trend too. (σ≧▽≦)σ


170 days. its crazy what taking it one day at a time can add up to. God bless all of you on the journey. Stay strong and vigilant. :innocent:


A nap???
Whats a nap? Lol.
But in all seriousness I have to try this


I think the soberstach is the next big thing lol
Hashtag it


Keep it up it only gets better


Congrats !! Keep it up. One day at a time :muscle:


Cute picture


30 days today ! 🤸🤸🏻🤸🏽🤸🏿

It’s been a much easier ride this time than past attempts. Between having a trip to Guatemala that I’m planning (17 days ! :airplane::tada: ), and being so so busy with school :dizzy_face: , I’ve hardly even had time to think about drinking.
The one problem I’m having is falling asleep. Previous times I’ve quit this works itself out pretty quickly, but here I am a month later and it’s almost 2 in the morning haha.
Anyway, life’s been pretty good. Can’t say I’ve had too much time on the pink Cloud this go around, but things are certainly better than when I’m drinking.

Here’s a sleepy-but-can’t-sleep selfie for ya

Have a joyful day, fam


Im gunna go with gym selfie as well. 996 days thus far


Nice body. :muscle: .And great sobriety


Cute pic :heart: I hope ur sleep gets better. I too have a problem with sleeping. I think every addict has sleeping problems
Congrats for 1 month :wink: Carry on :slight_smile:


996 days in Beast Mode! Awesome!


Congratulations on the sobriety
Also that shirt is awesomesauce.

I to have problems with sleeping. I have been hitting the gym from midnight to two am just to tire my body and mind out enough to sleep a few hours.


The print on your shirt cracks me up.
It’s good that that it is a skeleton. Haha