Sober selfies


Sober looks great on you Stacey :slightly_smiling_face: - hope you are doing well.


I have a hard time falling asleep every night just because my mind runs all over the place, I have to practice more meditation.
At the same time I don’t have any problem waking up early morning. So I’m good


Well, I made it through 150 days. Seemed impossible 200 days ago.
Ol’ Winky (Onyx) has been great help. I’m moving out of her home in a couple days and will miss her immensely.
Anyhoo, 150 and staying sober. Best wishes to you all. :v:t2::metal:t2::call_me_hand:t2::vulcan_salute:t2::heart:


I am good how are u?? I messaged u the other day hope ur okay!


[quote=“Don_Cocan, post:1, topic:10331, full:true”]

11 months and a week living the dream

So grateful for my life today


I don’t know how that other pic got there. Lol


Sure we will go with that :wink:.


@DreamY @Twowaymirror @MoShain thanks !!.. Saw it on Amazon for like $10 and knew I had to have it :yum:
Yeah the sleep struggle is REAL. Getting better though. I think my busy days make it hard to just let myself unwind at night. Thankfully my energy stays OK throughout the day!


Thank you snapchat filter for concealing my zombie face. Been so busy at work and grad school. One month and two weeks today! Feeling good :slight_smile:


Adorable. Also congrats on the sobriety. Also congrats on grad school


Thank you! It’s all been tough but I’m surviving hehe


I can relate.
What is your major??
What has you up so late tonight???
I just finished my nightly gym session. Thats twice today but now im wide awake lol.


My MA is in Education with a concentration in Counseling and Guidance. I was just sending out emails, printing things, etc. That’s awesome! I haven’t been to the gym in ages. Also stopped doing yoga because I’ve been so busy. Will start again soon!


Of course.
Everything ebbs and flows.
I think if I didnt go to the gym I would be deep in my head putting myself in a negative space.
So im thankful for the outlet.


I’m great! Old phone took a dump and I had to reload all my apps. Just up on the forum now. :grin:


Not a selfie. But a photo of me earlier this evening at a work function. Tonight I celebrate 1 month drug and alcohol free after over 15 years plus addiction in and out of the program. I have come to the realization that with out the program. Meetings and not having a sponsor this disease will beat me every single time and trust me. I have tried to beat it every time. But lost hands down. I am at a point that I know that this will be my last chance at recovery because every time it gets harder and my body slowly starts to shut down. Truly grateful to have made this month. To the program and to this app that keeps my mind occupied knowing that not one person here is alone. Attitude of gratitude.


Another one of my gym selfies( i swear we need a gym selfie thread) lol

Clearly i need a hair cut lol


Just came across this post, and you made me laugh out loud😂.
I’m sorry, I hope that doesn’t upset you because my heart is full of empathy for your situation. But the way you put it, and that smile on your face…its painfully familiar… and in the middle of this really sucky day 9.5 where I’m ready to cave… you made me laugh! And btw… my maiden name was Dean!:joy::joy:.
Hope you’re doing well😉.


I thought maybe u blocked me lol yay i thought maybe i did something wrong like mess up too many time hehe Yay!


day 400. Finally got new headphones