Sober selfies


Oh thank God your hair is normalizing.



In the gym where I belong :grin:




Thank you.



The gym is cool and healthy and all but…


53 days today-thanks to u All! I’m very happy tonight!


Nooooooo! Not at all. I just never loaded whatsapp back on my phone lol. We ALL “mess up” - I am certainly not the judge of anyone on this site. :slightly_smiling_face:


No ur the Spartan warrior that helps people kick their addictions into a pit :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Sober from my addiction for 353 days

another car selfie
One day at a time!
I am on the way to Manhattan for a meeting


@ProfessorOak changed your screen name? What dup?


Pretty! Nice to see you’re doing well!


Your pretty


Feeling great this week!


@Whispywhinny. Glad to help! I hope you made it through, and I am happy to be the reason you smiled! Enjoy your sobriety to the fullest!


Not a selfie, but this was me 2 years after high school. Just got back from rehearsing my role as Spicoli for Fast times at ridgemont high…LOL


No more gut! 434 days in and the gym has been my home on and off.


Day -1 vs. Day 119 :smile::butterfly:


Who said something about gym selfies hehe 36 days soberr hittin the gym everyday since!


And to think that during active addiction the gym was probably never a thought haha now look at all of us


You’re glowing! ╰(´︶`)╯