Sober selfies


Hang in Drew, you be surprised how good you will feel in a week.


Thanks everyone! I really do appreciate the support and I look forward to continuing sobriety and being a part of this community! Thank you !!!


You sure? Feeling dreadful after two days. Dead panicky and anxious, i feel i only want to be on my own in bed. Cant think of speaking to anyone. Feeling miserable


It sucks at first! You will fight the withdrawals first next you will mourn the loss of your best friend. But it does get better and if you stick it out long enough it will get good, if not even great. This is a journey that entered. Start working on yourself


First week of any detox is unpleasant, but very worth it long term. If you can survive the first week you can survive anything and survive it sober. For benzos and opiates it might be 10-14 days.


Church beard face.


Thank you so much!
And you look smashing on your sober pic xxx


Hang in Mallie, from my personal experience with alcohol, time is a wonderful healer.


You look like you just stepped off of one of those Deadliest Catch boats. So how’s King Crab season been this year?




I saw your avatar next to thread and jumped right in to check. #caddypicoftheday


Sober Sunday. Sunday Funday. Goin for a drive with my Princess


Me today on the way to my meeting :heart_eyes: love you beautiful people


My favourite part of a car!!! My friends laugh at me that having a sweet car with a sexy back end is important lol


Aww, you two are adorable! I love it!


She’s my Princess :heart_decoration: my lighthouse when I was a ship in a turbulent sea. Love that chick, so proud of her.


Is that CTS4 2.0t?


I think of it every time you post it. Or when I drive them for some of my mystery shops.


I think everyone with a pulse has to like at least one Billy Joel song.