Sober selfies


Well done on the 125 days! Fantastic


This is my not Audrey Hepburn beardface.


I will like your picture in 2 hours


I just checked your stats. You should be getting your upgrade to regular in a few weeks at most.


Sweet…i will like that in 2 hours as well


Thank you. It was £3 :joy: I love a good bargain!


Thank you. I rarely look classy :joy:


I missed out the ‘not’ and read that as my Audrey Hepburn beard face :joy: I like it :+1:


Haha that’s cool, that style really looks good on you! I love spending under $5 for dresses (I have a bunch from thrift shops and yard sales ha). I’m Dutch, my middle name is bargain :wink:


Aww yay! I love rummaging in thrift shops. It’s tiring but rewarding. Another way of distracting ourselves and spending little money on better things :+1: I wish I had some ladies here to shop with. I hope to see one of your finds too :slight_smile:


All of these stories are the best!


Thank you :heart: :kissing_heart:


Yeah…More like Gregory Peck.


@Englishd like they always told me, when it dissolves I can drink again.


You guys motivated me to go for a walk. It’s damn windy and cold but I’m doing it!


:heart:, you look happy!


It’s clear blue and warm out. What planet are you living on?! Lol

Great job getting out. It’s good to move and get out and about


I am :slight_smile: Its good to be sober!


Omg, it’s 40, windy and freezing but it’s great to be out! First sun I’ve seen in weeks so I had to. Though my hands are so frozen it took me literally 3 tries to type this between warming them up enough to work on my phone lol


Even if the sun is only poking out a few seconds at a time, I’ll take it!!