Sober selfies


That’s awesome man!!!..just keep taking every day as it comes…you got this!!!


175 days sober hope everyone is having a great day


Wasn’t that a gang in the Warriors?..No, that was the Baseball Furies. Wonder what a Furries Gang would be like. Probably get their butts kicked a lot, just for S’s & G’s.


Nearly 125 days sobre! :astonished: I’m snoozing In some sunny weather finally in a nice new dress.


Thank you for not taking a picture of the actual sun. We haven’t seen it here in months and I’m getting more crazy than I already am… Congrats on 125. Consider this your 4 month chip!


Have you been riding lately?


I know the feeling. It was snowing here a couple of weeks ago and now were having a heatwave. It’s so odd. I’ve only been commuting. I volunteered at an allotment Wednesday. That was nice. Have you done any adventures? I’ve just put some sun in an envelope and posted it in your direction :crossed_fingers:


I hope the mail is quick! I just got my new bike back from the shop yesterday but the weather isn’t cooperating. There’s a charity event in June for us bike enthusiasts. We set a milage goal for the month and then get sponsors to donate and support us. Last day to register is today I think. I can get you the info if you want. You can ride as much or as little as you want


Is that across the world? I would love to know more yes please!


This is a link to my page but you can register from there I think. Let them know I referred you and I think we can join a team. I’m pretty sure it’s worldwide. If not let me know and I can give you an American address lol.


Hey, you should try smiling in one of these!


If i am smiling, i am farting…no one wants that :grin:


Well, we can’t smell it so fart away!


Haha, this is true


Riding for others is a good thing! I use to do some insane rides for Diabetes, MS, and Cancer. I’ve did centuries mostly, Tour De Cure, 100 miles of nowhere, and the 24 hours of Booty. Get After It!


I lost a bet once, I was a store manager…and i bet my asdociates they couldnt raise $5000 for Childerens Miracle Network…i lost…I had to ride my bike around the store for 24 hours…i lost complete feeling in about 90% of my body by the time i was done.


Team Talking Sober!


Those 24 hour rides can be brutal. 24 hours of Booty was great though. Live Strong Foundation does it right. Closed road course, with a pit area with med tent, all the pizza you could eat, and even masseuses to work out the leg and back cramps. Did 240’ish on that one. Most of the others were Centuries. I averaged about 5-6 hours for those.


I love your dress!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Kinda got an Audrey Hepburn thing going on there. Very classy!