Sober selfies


Oi vey. That’s way too cold for a lizard like me. It’s getting to mid 60s at night here, that’s fafafafreezing




The sun just came out. I can confirm its real!


That was quick. You’re welcome :slight_smile:


44 days sober


Day # 480 free from opiates. I’ve never been happier :heartpulse:


The green 3 month chip!! Congrats brother! It’s been a pleasure watching you since you joined. I know you aren’t big on tokens. Neither was I. But we take them for the newcomer and we take them for the old timer. 90 days is a big fucking deal!! Be proud:)


It helps everyone, oldtimers too. They like to watch the lights come on lol. Thanks, everyday is progress


30 days!


It is possible, Kim. :grinning:


I’m so glad you stop by and keep us updated.


Congratulations. That chip is a tough one to earn. Well done


Congratulations pal! I love seeing you guys hitting these milestones:)


Summer shopping :rainbow::heart: I got new shoes as well and some flower power pants but I don’t wanna spam you guys this much lol.
Last year I was too shy to wear dresses. Now I think why the heck not?


Those are super cute! And I bet still cheaper than the addiction life! :slight_smile:


Haha yeees they are :heart: And they are healthier too lol


I love the girls I work with. Sittin in the break room waiting on my client to process and just appreciating the scenery. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Lol, how did I miss this. The Furry Gang has got to be rhe cast of the Elmchanted Forest animated film come to life. Especially if it is “mine”.


I see you guys got the copy of the mag i was on??


How many pounds in a stone and how much does a pound of stone cost?