Sober selfies


I know I checked in yesterday. But I officially reached 125 days. Today has been a tough one so I walked it off all day. I came and sat in my secret spot where no one ever comes. Needed to be away from people


I love your hair!!


I saved so much money in my 6 sober days that I was able to spend that money on having a woman come help me clean my house (single mom, working, going through a divorce, needed help). Was so proud of myself!!! But then I had to reset my timer and haven’t come out of it yet. Jeez. This is hard. I quit meth and cocaine, why is alcohol so hard? Maybe because it’s “acceptable “. Maybe cuz it’s been my “friend” so long. Maybe cuz I grew up with it. Whatever. Hitting the reset button SUCKS


Haha Mr Reynolds I presume?



Hahaha that was perfect


I love ice cream


And the scenery :heart_eyes:


Is it bad That I can see only the icecream…what scenery?




Loving the sea


Grass cut (sober) and enjoying a drink!!


I miss the ocean at times, very beautiful


About 4 weeks clean and finally smiling again for the first time in like 6 years! Congrats to all of my fellow, beautiful, recovering addicts/alcoholics


There is sobriety in those eyes!


:blush::blush::blush::blush: and its here to stay. :hugs:


Nice! Congrats!


Long day of riding beardface. No, not stoned, I think I just permanently look that way.


You need a nap !!


I never to get in better shape, but a nap works too