Sober selfies


Don’t you ride like an insane amount of miles everyday


I rode 18 today, which I guess is alot for a chubster like me. I’ve done 36.4 in the last three days. I gotta get in shape for the charity event I’m doing in June. I gotta do 200 miles for the month


Man that’s awesome ! Your too hard on yourself…


Music on, doing homework, and this bunny just jumped off my head.


Random bunny for the win


It is so darn cute


Just woke up from a fat nap. That’s how I celebrated my three months sober today haha! Now I’m gonna finish my grad work :nerd_face:


Not exactly a selfie but it’s been years since I’ve been to the dirt track! Good ol’ Carolina late models!


Congrats on 3 months @yogagirl :medal_military::balloon::tada:


Dude, what track is that?


East Lincoln speedway


I’m pretty sure I’ve been there b4…over towards charlotte?


Yep. They just got another new owner, the place was packed! Even some drivers throwing some fists lol


Haha nice, I grew up in Fayetteville, was just in Charlotte a few weeks ago


Thank you!! :blush:


Almost Day 20, the second time around. Got my sea legs.


:joy: I made squeee noise out loud


I’m trying to figure that out to…lol


Glad to see you back!


thank you …