Sober selfies


Day 160 or thereabouts.


Sober selfies with some friends yesterday at my memorial day party. Such a crazy but good day!


Yes, definetly lol


461 days and never felt better


Today after a sauna and a swim in the sea…awesomeee


Relaxing is over, time to get back to work!


It’s rofo here in DE too and it makes no sense. Where in MD are you?


I don’t think I knew you were in Delaware…now I know there is at least 3 of us.


I’m in Newark home of the UD blue hens. What kind of floating money pit do you have docked down there?


That’s a lot of representation from such a small state.


448. Had an awesome summer camp. Glad to have not blown a bunch of money on booze and drugs. Just 4 days enjoying the music, and remembering it.


Love those😂


Congratulations beautiful!! :hibiscus:


Yay!!! Congratulations! So proud of you. I have my ice cream ready, but will wait until later to eat it.

If only it were Graeter’s. I hope someone on here will post pictures of Graeter’s - mocha chocolate chip or mint chocolate chip please. We live too far away now :frowning:


No kidding! @Donnie_Spiering lives just a few miles down the road from me. Delaware is representing…lol.


Way to go demonstrating that a sober life is a full life!


381 days …


I am 20 days away from 1 year mark. Life is getting a little better each day. Best wishes to all.


Awesomenessnessness!!! Congrats :tada::tada::tada:


Little over 1 month. Spending it on our new “toy” :slight_smile: